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Year (ab) Age of Shadows Events
2958 ab Blood Culling begins with total eclipse. Reunification War begins (Ilium vs. Helvada/Solis). Kin’s Blood War begins (Eladrin/Elves vs. Shadow elves). Last Wyrm’s War (Ro vs. Aiyia)
2959 ab King Rixius of Helvada slain by the Lich Lord Razel of Dracia. Kin’s Blood War ends (shadow elf victory)
2960 ab Last Wyrm’s War ends (Aiyia victory). Crown Prince Hazard Ro II disappears
2961 ab Sadire Empire joins Reunification War
2962 ab Helvada evacuates to the north
2964 ab Sunset War begins (Lothanewi vs. Sadire)
2968 ab Sunset War ends (Lothanewi victory)
2972 ab Helvada settles the Ice Plains
2973 ab Reunification War ends (Ilium victory)
2978 ab Firestorm War begins (Cushani civil war). Zeal declares independence from Ilium Empire. The dracolich Joxinvarl is created.
2979 ab Tensions increase between Alakar and Sadire.

Age of Shadows
The current age of the world begins in a baptism of darkness, fire and death. Two years after the rise of Ilius the Betrayer, he launches a massive assault across the land, using Aiyia, Dracia, Lothanewi and the Church of the Moon to surprise attack the Alliance of Kings.

The Reunification War brings about the reestablish-ment of the Ilium Empire as well as the Breath. The Church of the Sun suffers staggering loses in the war and is forced to go into hiding as each of the King’s of the Alliance falls to the onslaught of undead armies. The Second Night Reign has begun.

The area currently is controlled by 5 nations; Aiyia, Alakar, the Dominion, Ilium and Lothanewi. The former kingdoms that were conquered during the Blood Culling are referred to by region such as the Kingdom of Solis is now the Solis region. All but the Dominion are allied with the Ilium Empire undead Ilius the Betrayer who rarely interacts with the common day to day activities of the land. Instead, he delegates these to the Lich Lord Razel who resides in the Solis region.

The Dominion, controlled by the Cushani, is able to rebuff the advances of Aiyia and Ilium due to their dragonrider allies. However, the ruling Firestorm tribe has begun to weaken and in a bid for power, destroyed the dragonriders and created a dracolich. This act has recently brought the Dominion down into civil war which Aiyia and Ilium watch intently.

The world has been shrouded in darkness due to the constant total eclipse of the Sun and the people have one last hope that someone can rise up from the darkness to bring back the light.

World Timeline

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