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The Reaper Plague
89 Autumn 2978
- Miranda Nikko

On 88 Autumn, 2978 during the battle for Zeal; 17 people of different races contracted Reaper Plague via contact/injury. Heaven Knights of Ilius seemed to be able to spread the disease without becoming threatened by it. I can only conclude at this time that the disease has been manufactured and is spread through injury or blood contact.

The disease seems to ignore racial barriers as it has afflicted the following…
10 Humans
1 Elf
4 Half Elf

Symptoms of the Reaper Plague include a reduced physical constitution as well as physical weakness. Other symptoms include a black coloration in the veins but no pain has been described as associated with the coloration.

The disease seems to be able to be staved off temporarily by those who are especially hardy. A gnome has been reported as having contracted the disease, so there is no known immunity or cure.

Temporal suspension halts the progress of the physical symptoms and also prevents contagion1.

Three years ago in Helvada the first incidents of the Reaper Plague were uncovered and were reportedly being spread by creatures in long black robes and cloaks1. The disease has been studied before and is reported to be…

“…only a few years old and will kill after 1 season or 2 seasons for those of particular strength.”

Most disturbing is the report that the Reaper Plague
“…has somehow spread without contact recently.”

My group intends to head north to Helvada to uncover the mystery of the disease’s origins and a possible cure.

1 Source: Cecil Sunrider, Priest of the Sun – 89 Autumn 2978

-End Journal Entry 1
Miranda Nikko

Miranda Entry 1

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