Lucullus Entry 2

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Garion is a trusting soul… He defeats the commander of the Bone Guard in the city and then invites him to lead the force once more. I will be curious to see where this Illisthor’s loyalties truly lie once the empire returns to try and claim Zeal. For now I shall be cautious.

Winter has come to this place and we make preparations for our trip to Solis. We must make sure Zeal can hold its own should we not return in time, so again I find myself in council with the Dawn Watch, Daggers of Light and the Elders of this city. Garion has placed Oldguart in charge, a wise choice, and we set about planning the fortifications. Tightly packed forces make defending easier against sieges so condensing the inhabitants and troops into a smaller area and fortifying the area is our best course of action.

Hurting for troops, Zeal is going to need to conscript forces in order to have a chance at survival, this is going to weigh heavily on the purses of those in charge… 25,000 gold if the figures are correct. We cannot hope to rise so much in the short time we have. It is suggested that we loot the Valley of Kings to make up the shortfall. I’m not thrilled at this prospect as robbing the dead to pay the living is a grave dishonor in my country.

But we are not in my country, and Garion is the heir to those souls. I vow that not a single item will be removed from that place by my hand. So with a plan in place, we descend upon the Valley of Kings. There are rumors of magical energies that enshroud this land. My travels have shown me much of of the world of Magic, but I am still weary of it effects and so I must remain vigilant.

As we approach the valley, we are greeted by great homages to the Peacekeeper and his kin. As Garion and I crossed the threshold between the two visages, a pain unlike any I have experienced gripped my body. I fell to my knees as darkness took me.

I found myself upon a field of battle, my brethren to my flanks as we faced a vast horde of the undead. As we charged the foe upon that field, the sounds of battle greeted my hungry ears. My Xiphos was quickly dyed crimson from the blood of my enemies. The sounds of screams, Helvadan and undead alike rang out around me as I fought and soon even motion was difficult as the dead and undead piled up around me. Finally after many hours, the undead retreat and we regroup. For days this is the status quo, and yet my blood does not run with my comrades. Everyday I fight and I kill, and my friends die and yet why do I not share their fate?

After what seems like an eternity, I stand with what is left of our army. The undead have taken most of us and my remaining comrades barely have the strength to stand and yet I am whole. Knowing that this day is my last, I loose a scream and charge the enemy, my brothers in tow. As we run, a bright light erupts in front of us and an angelic voice can be heard. The light takes me, and as I am raised to the heavens, I look back to see the rest of my brothers swarmed and killed, and I am powerless to stop it.

I awoke from my nightmare to find myself in the church back in Zeal. Cecil stood over me and welcomed me back. The looks on the faces of my friends told me that tragedy had befallen them while I was incapacitated. I came to learn that Miranda’s soul had been ripped from her body. Garion and Kyana had managed to free it, but where unable to return it to her body. Miranda’s soul was then left to travel to where it pleased.

I am saddened by this outcome and hope her spirit finds its way to the Elysian Fields so that she can continue to hone her skills for the next life she commands.

As we settled down to dinner after a mournful burial ceremony, the new leaders of the city and our party began to discuss the journey to the Valley of the Kings and then quickly to the journey to Solis and home. Cecil said he could instruct Kyana on the art of teleporting so that we could travel faster and that a friend of the Dawn Watch would greet us in Halirollos. Whitmore, as he is named, would be able to provide us information on Aegolis as well the empire in the area.

Also, Luxandra offred us aid in the form of a fiery gnome named Odie who was a former resident of Solis and would act as our guide.

My heart has begun to warm in this cold and dark times as the prospect of returning home grows stronger. Hopefully the Sun will shine on us a little longer.

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Lucullus Entry 2

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