Kyana Entry 3

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Miranda is dead. She was slaughtered when we ventured into the human tomb to find the desperately needed funds for the rebellion. All of that studying and private meditation I had done to learn how better to harness the Sun’s strength into dispelling the foul Breath was for naught.

She died.

Soul stolen by a wretched fiend within a fiend. When the battle was done I tried to reach for her soul, I reached for the Sun desperately trying to call her back. Her body was fine, it only lacked her gentle soul. Yet, she refused. She gently shook her head and would not take my hand. I managed to dispel the mist before it took her flesh, and with a final breath she whispered an apology and left this world for good.

Miranda…I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I am so weak. That my connection with the Sun too faulty to protect you. Please…Blessed Sun…Give her the peace she so longed for.

The best I could do was to arrange for her considerable book collection to be housed in the new Sun temple in the reclaimed town. I left in place directions that the library should be expanded upon and all who wish to see be allowed entry. The only penance I could think of was to ensure that her dream would not die, the knowledge would not be lost, and minds would be opened to the past.


So much death… So much loss… So little gain. We reclaimed the city and lost a dear friend. My homeland is falling into ruin, and I have no way of knowing whether or not my loved ones live or die. My people are quietly dying, and yet I wander the land battling armies with humans.

Gentle Sun… Please guide your lost child. I am torn between my new allies and the need to push back the Empire who stole your light, and the need to save those that I have known and loved all my life from ruin not only brought by the Empire… but also by their own hands.

Please… Let not their light be extinguished…

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Kyana Entry 3

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