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History DC 15:
The myth of the Kalturith dates back to the time of the First Night Reign during the 2nd Age. When Loth left the Great Forest, the cushani mourned the loss of their benefactor. While some fell to depression and others to anger, a select few fell to blind hatred for what befell them. These vengeful cushani were corrupted by influence of the Moon and became the Kalturith.

History DC 20:
The Kalturith cushani are responsible for the first war between the cushani and the eladrin during the 2nd Age due to their destructive and savage raids on eladrin settlements. When the eladrin called for a stop, the Kalturith only increased their attacks to provoke the slow acting eladrin. The eladrin did act and swiftly. With their great powers of magic and vastly superior numbers, the eladrin went to war against the cushani and crushed them.

History DC 25:
During the war, the Kalturith were particularly hunted and slaughtered. As the eladrin killed each Kalturith, they used the magic rituals to bind the spirits of the Kalturith to the Great Forest so that they would spend eternity paying for and learning from their sins. Over the centuries however, the ritual magic was weakened by the death of the eladrin progenitors, allowing the spirits of the Kalturith to run free through the forest. Consumed by hatred, the Kalturith hunt and kill to feed their ever growing need for bloodlust.


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