Crosz Entry 4

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33 Spring, 2979 (Continued)

We abandoned the bound prisoner, and I crossed the bridge to the portal where Darrin and Elikko stood. I shouted to the others to cross as well, so that we could try to hold the bridge against the shadow elf forces that teleported to the main platform. I’d hoped that we could hold them off of the old man and his young assistant long enough for them to secure our planar exit that we might escape and continue with our charget to rescue Alegra Hawk. It was a good plan, but only in theory, as Ghesh chose to meet their warriors in the middle of the platform instead. I sighed as I planted my enchanted healing standard and activated it’s magic.

Still Waters and Andrik had begun crossing the bridge with me before they saw that the dragonborn had decided to make his stand elsewhere. They exchanged a glance before moving back across the platform to support the brazen Destiny Knight. I stood my ground and tried my best to prevent the few shadow elves who came directly to the portal platform away from Elikko. My efforts met with limited success, and before too long, we were outnumbered and fighting just to stay together.

It was hectic for almost a full minute before Elikko lost control of the portal and those closest to it suffered the necrotic backlash of his efforts. Fortunately, the blast slew several of the nearer shadow elves, as well – and the portal to Vorgard had opened! Darrin and I rallied the others, who withdrew from their engagements and crossed over to us. I was the last through the portal as I had to go back for my battle standard, but it stayed open long enough for me to make it through and no longer. It winked closed behind me, and I found the others staring at the walls of the canyon in which we now stood.

I’d never stepped foot out of the world and into the realm of Shadow. There were similarities between this reality and ours – we stood upon what seemed to be stone, and the Sun was still absent. But the sky, though similarly darkened seemed wholly alien to my senses. Still Waters and Andrik were already seeking the tracks of those who had taken the tiefling through the portal before us. They found a place where the captors seemed to have mounted up and made their way down and out of the canyon. Though there was little chance that we would actually catch up to our prey, we gave chase anyway. What else could we do?

When we finally exited the canyon, we found ourselves upon a great plain, and in the distance we could see a large tower citadel. The more keen-eyed among us claimed to see dust, presumably kicked up by our quarry, and they said that the stronghold must be their destination. Now knowing for certain there was little we could do to catch up before the creatures of Shadow reached their destination, we set our minds to methods by which we might gain entrance into this fortress of our enemies.

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Crosz Entry 4

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