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35 Spring (Continued)

The portal key provided by Sarus worked as he’d claimed and we found ourselves in a warehouse surrounded by several crates. As we were trying to get our bearings, we were approached by a foursome of surprised tiefling guards who – quite reasonably – demanded to know what we were doing. I revealed Alegra Hawk to them, and tried to explain about Vorgard, but I probably would have been better off with the short version of the tale. We did manage to convince them that we meant no harm and that it would be in no one’s best interest for them to seek out their superior. Then they told us a little more about what had been happening in Masshiro in our absence.

Wilcor Ralma had been busy, importing foreign tieflings and unknown beasts to cow the populace into accepting his rule of the city since the untimely “death” and disappearance of the Hawks. Those loyal to the former warlord had been conscripted into the army to serve as the first wave in the attack on Alakar. Watch Captain Vilmuth was among that number and he was apparently in charge of the forces outside the walls. The forces inside the walls, some two thousand tieflings purportedly from Hilma, were another story. We decided we needed to speak with Vilmuth immediately, and with the help of the warehouse guards we made our way through the sewers and outside of the city altogether.

Finding Vilmuth’s command tent was easy enough and the guards let us pass unchallenged when Ms. Hawk showed them her face. Vilmuth could tell us little more than the warehouse guards, but he and the displaced warlord discussed a plan to retake the keep and put an end to Ralma’s treachery. Alegra Hawk would lead our forces through a secret door from the sewers into the keep and while she and Vilmuth dealt with securing the keep, my fellow Sunriders and I would fight our way up to the traitor and capture him. Once the keep was in our hands, we could turn our attention to dealing with the foreign forces.

This decided, I asked Vilmuth for the loan of a boat so that we could report back to Arcamedus Edelos who still awaited our report. We briefed him on our mission and the current plan to bring this war to an end before it started. He agreed and issued us formal orders to support Alegra Hawk’s plans. For our success in rescuing the warlord from Charloc Prison, he awarded each of us with an enchanted sash that would protect us in our coming trial.

36 Spring, 2979

We entered the keep through the secret passages unchallenged, but once we were through, we met with resistance. The strange tieflings with the mottled flesh had few characteristics of our race, and seemed something more fiendish and alien. Undeterred, we put the occupants of the first two guardrooms we encountered to the sword and pressed ever closer to Wilcor Ralma and the end of this farcical war.

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Crosz Entry 10

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