Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Asylum

Unexpected prisoner

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Level 3

Thankful to be out of the proximity of the breath dragon, the heroes made their way into the water pipe system where they navigated through a series of pipes, heading in the general direction away from the aquaducts. Eventually, they made their way to a light source at the end of a narrow pipe. Still Waters volunteered to sneak through the pipe and check out the area.

Upon reaching the end of the pipe, Still Waters found a metal grate blocking her way into what looked like a prison cell. Beyond the cell was an large, two story cell block with many other cells lining the wall. With the view in mind, the martial artist turn to leave when she heard humming coming from the cell block. She leaned in closer to listen and all she could tell was that is was a woman most likely but couldn’t see anything.

Curious but confused, she made her way back to the group and reported her findings. The group mostly disregarded the humming for the moment as they were more concerned on how to get inside. After a brief discussion, it was decided that bending or loosening the bars was the best route. Back through the pipe, Ghesh Emeris and Still Waters worked on bending the bars which only took a few moments. Once that obstacle was removed, the group filed into a cell within the cellblock. The door to the cell was locked however and so they discussed options on how to get out. With no one able to pick the lock, they resorted to making a bunch of noise to draw in a guard.

Within only a few minutes, a shadow elf made his way over to the door, grumbling the whole time. As he opened the door, his eyes went wide as he saw the group lounging in the cell. He went to reach for his sword but Still Waters struck his head with a sharp punch, dropping him to the ground. Grinning, Ghesh closed the door to ajar. Now with keys and a tied up guard, the group went about exploring the cell block and the pleasant humming.

Montblanc Crosz was the first to find the humming. An eladrin woman was sitting at the middle of the cell dressed in tattered rags. Her blonde hair was matted down and her skin was cake in dirt and grime. Her eyes were closed as she hummed a soft lullaby. When the judge spoke to her, she stopped and opened her eyes to reveal orbs of pure white. Crosz took a step back in amazement that such a woman would be in prison in a slave encampment. The rest of the group joined him to speak to the woman who introduced herself as Neisis. She explained, in a pleasant and calm voice, that she couldn’t remember anything roughly two weeks ago. She remembered a bright light and then all was white to her.

Not wanting to leave a defenseless blind woman in a cell of slavers, the group used the keys from the guard to free the woman before getting back to the guard who was finally coming to. Tied to the bunk, the group questioned the guard about the prison and the whereabouts of Alegra Hawk. After a little push, the guard finally gave an account of Alegra’s arrival. She was hurried down to the maximum security cell block located at the bottom of the prison shaft and heavily guarded. In addition, he explained that each level down contained a guard station which held multiple guards of shadow elves and shadar’kai.

Unhappy with the news, the group tried to form a plan on how to get down to Alegra through all the guards. It was decided upon that they would let the prisoners go free from this cellblock to help create confusion. They would then try and slip down to the max security block to free Alegra. With their plan set, they went about freeing slaves from their cells before making their way to the ajoining guard station.

Within the two story guard station, the group encountered a group of shadow elves and shadar’kai. The battle was upfront and personal with both sides fighting tooth and nail for victory. Neisis held off in the back of the room with Elikko to stay out of danger. Eventually the group was victorious though injured. With the guards defeated, the group let the slaves pick up the fallen weapons and let them rush out of the guard station to take the prison by storm. As they stepped out into the prison shaft, they looked at the long journey down to the maximum security cellblock with reserved emotion.

XP per Player: 800
Treasure Found: 400gp, lvl 13 magical item



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