The Night Reign Campaign Setting is set upon the world of Falamar, a young world of gothic horror and high fantasy. Unlike many fantasy settings, Night Reign is a story of a world covered in darkness and evil. The forces of the darkness have already conquered the known lands, enslaving it for the god known as the Moon.

The Sunriders, an idealistic company of mercenaries, spies, and politicians has long worked to bring peace and unity between the city states of Sadire. With the reported death of Warlord Velero Hawk and the growing hostility between Masshiro and Alakar, the Sunriders have dispatched several groups of adventurers to find out who is pulling the strings. One such group has been sent to Lothanewi to recover the missing daughter of the warlord, Alegra Hawk. She now holds the key to averting war.

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Deceiver Chronicles

Deceiver Chronicles II

Night Reign

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