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The Sunriders are a semi-secret organization based out of Sadire. Founded by Arcamedus Edelos and his four comrades Dramos Vendictum, Felocia Riscmor, Vekvernar Respite, and Tatlos Ossler, the Sunriders work to unite the warlords of Sadire into a single nation that is free of foreign power influence.

Organized into chapter houses, the Sunriders operate mostly independent of one another. Each chapter house is run by a headmaster who receive their missions and orders from one of the four leaders of the Sunriders. The headmasters carry out the missions they are given though they also act accordingly to the current situations in their own cities. Each chapter house typically maintains 3 to 20 members depending on the size of the city and geographical area.

The Sunriders have recently suffered several setbacks in their overall goals. Several warlords have been resistant to the goals of the organization and instead, prefer to focus on their own growth of power. These actions have led the Sunriders to believe that these warlords have been corrupted by the ancient pacts of their heritage which may lead them into seeking alliance with the Ilium Empire once more.


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