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Deceiver Chronicles

The halfling merchant Skeeter wants us to find the source of the infestation of kruthiks that have been attacking homes and businesses around the city. He also wants us to bring back as many kruthik hides as we can, for which he will pay us a respectable bounty.

Defend the Winkar? – QUEST COMPLETE!
The adventurers smelled a setup during their time hunting kruthiks. It seemed that the winkar were responsible, but then who was the mysterious shadowelf who kept showing up? Unconvinced of the adventurers’ theories about a conspiracy, Wilcor Ralma has sent them off to find proof that the winkar were framed for the attack on Masshiro…before it is too late to recover Velero Hawk’s daughter, who left with the shadowelf “diplomats.”

Hawk Hunting – QUEST COMPLETE!
A group of adventurers in the secret organization known as the Sunriders has set off to discover the fate of Alegra Hawk, who was allegedly kidnapped by winkar forces en route to Lothanewi. Their path has taken them not to Alakar, but deeper into the dark heart of the forest, which is haunted by aberrations and shadow creatures that feast upon the shadowelves’ slaves.

Creature Feature – Not fulfilled
The Sunriders found the half-elf slave Sillik, the only apparent survivor of a recent attack by the spirit of the forest, the maddened Kalturith. When the boy passed out in front of them, they decided to bring him along rather than leave him to his fate in the forest. The boy later told his story about the carnivorous spirit who’d been attacking villages in Lothanewi since the darkness fell. Piles of gore and viscera were all that were ever found of the victims, never any bones or flesh. When the Breath of Ilius manifested while the group was resting, they were attacked by shadowy cushani who disappeared, leaving only a skull when they were slain. Elikko seems convinced that they are connected to the spirit, and has encouraged the party to divert from their mission to investigate, owning up to the fact that his own curiosity is the primary motivation to do so.

Hawk’s Back in Power – QUEST COMPLETE!
Th eSunriders make a daring raid on Hawk Keep to put Alegra Hawk in power of Masshiro. In the process of retaking the keep, they learn that demons have infiltrated the city due to the work of Commander (and warlord wannabe) Ralma. Twisted due to demon influence, Ralma was put down by the Sunriders. During the clean up of the dungeons, the group of heroes found Velero Hawk still alive under the unkind care of a la’ree troll that was siphoning the warlord’s blood to unlock the seals on Demonfall. The la’ree was defeated and Warlord Hawk was saved.

Resealing Demonfall- In Progress
A group of adventurers are now traveling to Demonfall where they must find the thing behind everything that has befallen Masshiro. If they can put a stop to the creature, they can stop a demon legion from being unleashed up Sadire.


Locate the Prophet of Autumn
Known Information: per Lola “Heart of the earth lies the son of the Slayer, corrupted of soul and exiled from the homeland.”

Locate the Prophet of Spring
Known Information: per Lola “Siren’s voice on dew lips lies the red warrior’s daughter, crippled and surrounded by the dead.”

Locate the Prophet of Summer
Known Information: per Lola “Stairway to the gods lies the daughter of shadow, fallen from grace upon a spider’s mask.”

Recover the Sword of Horan
Known Information: From a vision, located on, in or near the Astral Mountains.

Recover the Ring of Dragons
Known Information: From a vision, located at the center of a lake of fire.

Recover the Spear of Destiny
Known Information: From a vision and through historical accounts, in the possession of the Lich Lord Razel.

Retake the Kingdom of Ro


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