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Affiliation: Kingdom of Sadire
Population: 8,627
Ruler: Warlord Velero Hawk

NPC’s of Note

Military Commander: Wilcor Ralma (Male Tiefling)
Captain of the City Guard: Vilmuth (Male Tiefling)
Sergeant of the City Guard: Anchor (Male Tiefling)
Seneschal: Dove Alcor (Female Tiefling)
Head Priest of the Sun: Hiros (Male Asuni)
Shop owner of Azamar’s Exotics: Azamar (Male Dragonborn)
Shop owner of Skeeter’s General Stuff: Skeeter (Male Halfling)
Tavern owner of the Water Hole: Darla (Female Half Elf)
Tavern owner of the Deer Lodge: Charmal (Male Human)
Inn owner of the Velvet Lounge: Shi’del (Female Eladrin)
Inn owner of the Vortex: Vrans (Male Tiefling)

City Knowledge

The city of Tenko was founded as a frontier town for the Fao Empire at the beginning of the 4th Age. The town quickly become a focal point of trade with the Sadire Kingdom due to the introduction of goods, spices and material from the Empire that was unknown to the Sadire people. Trade continued up until the Impurity Massacre and the war that followed. The merchant lords of Masshiro attempted to use their trade connections to slip assassins and troops into Sadire and were largely ineffective. The battle of Tenko soon followed and the city was captured by Sadire in 2296. The city was renamed Masshiro.

With the Fao Empire under occupation, trade still continued though reduced until the Ki’rundi invasion in 2750. The demons infiltrated the Kingdom at all levels and Masshiro was particularly infested. The influence of the Ki’rundi lead to a war with Alakar and Masshiro was used as a command center for military for almost four decades. The Iron Valley War ended in a stalemate with the Winkar as they suddenly pulled out and back into the mountains. The people of Sadire sighed with relief due to the disastrous results of slain tieflings due to demon meddling. Tension grew over the course of 17 years and within Masshiro, a powerful and brilliant tactican named Velero Hawk orchestrated a revolt against the demon rulers. The result was the Demon war of 2863. Hawk and his fellow warlords managed to overthrow the demon influence and drove them out to the south and into the Plains of Sorrow.

Masshiro severed as the capital during the war as homage to Hawk for his place in starting the revolt. The city sprung to life with people and rebuilding efforts as the people of Sadire seated a new heir from the ancient bloodline of Trifol to rule the nation. After the Second Demon War ended in 2883, the capital was moved from Masshiro to Rylos. The city has managed to hold onto its former glory however due to its popular ruler and well established trade routes and harbor.


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