Dramatis Personae

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Night Reign: Deceiver Chronicles

Andrik – Sunrider Circle Dancer (male dwarf)

Crosz – Gentleman Sunrider Revolutionary (male tiefling)

Darrin – Sunrider Cleric (male human)

Elikko – Elder Summoner (male half-elf)

Ghesh – Fiery Destiny Knight (male dragonborn)

Still Waters – Sunrider Martial Artist (female half-orc)

Night Reign: Legends

Garion – Noble Human Paladin and King-in-Exile Desiring to Restore his Nation

Janus – Dragonmarked Human Bard Plotting to Overthrow the Empire

Lucullus – Wandering Helvadan Warrior Prince Searching for his Father

Former Heroes

Deceiver Chronicles

Feloryn – Spear-Wielding Eladrin Warlord
Grace – Studious Half-elf Summoner with a Fixation on Insects
Hedge – Rough & Tumble Cushani Traveler Hoping for a New Path
Jarett – Horribly Scarred Sunlock Seeking the Light
Laxmi – Creepy Summoner
Liftrasa – Dwarf Beastmaster Ranger
Tolim – Cunning Gnome Sorcerer
Vair – Aloof Dragonborn Warrior
Thumper – Stern and Serious Half-Orc Rogue


Kasi – Vilhelm’s Niece, Helped Out in Horndale
[Name Forgotten] – Cushani Warrior with Bardic Aspirations
Kyana – Blunt Cushani Sun Priest Hoping to Save her People
Miranda – Outcast Half-Orc Monk Seeking the True History
Oderon – Plucky Gnome Rogue Seeking to Strike Back at the Darkness

Dramatis Personae

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