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  • Lucullus Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Lucullus's Journal --- Lucullus's entries take the form of personal reflections regarding his adventures.

    Blood on the Throne

    |[[Lucullus Entry 1]]|[[Lucullus Entry 2]]| ---

  • Janus Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Janus's Journal --- Janus's journal takes the form of the words he penned in a volume that he purchased shortly before the adventures with the other characters began. Sometimes, he writes exact dates, sometimes he …

  • Miranda Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Miranda's Journal --- Miranda's entry is the sole writing in an otherwise blank volume.

    Blood on the Throne

    |[[Miranda Entry 1]]| ---

  • Kyana Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Kyana's Journal --- Kyana's entries are prayers offered to the Sun on behalf of her companions and loved ones back in the Cushani Dominion.

    Blood on the Throne

    |[[Kyana Entry 1]]|[[Kyana Entry 2]]|[[ …

  • Garion Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Garion's Journal --- Garion's entries take the form of a personal journal kept by the rightful heir to the Kingdom of Ro.

    Flight of the Phoenix

    |[[Garion Entry 1]]|[[Garion Entry 2]]|[[Garion Entry 3 …

  • Hedge Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Hedge's Journal --- Hedge's entries take the form of the hero telling stories from his life to others he has met in the afterlife.

    Deceiver Chronicles

    p=. Feint |[[Hedge Entry 1]]|[[Hedge …

  • Jarett Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Jarett's Journal --- Jarett's journal is that of him telling stories to his loved ones once he is old and gray.

    Deceiver Chronicles

    |[[Jarett Entry 1]]|[[Jarett Entry 2]]|[[Jarett Entry 3]]|[[Jarett …

  • Liftrasa Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Liftrasa's Journal --- Journal of Liftrasa Auronsdotta Runehands.

    Deceiver Chronicles

    [[Liftrasa Entry 1]] ---

  • Feloryn Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Feloryn's Journal --- Feloryn's entries...

    Deceiver Chronicles

    |[[Feloryn Entry 1]]|[[Feloryn Entry 2]]| ---

  • Vixtor Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Vixtor's Journal --- You've found an old tome wrapped in soft worn leather with strange symbols delicately carved onto every surface. It's not the kind of thing anyone has ever seen before, at least not anyone you' …

  • Crosz Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Crosz's Journal --- Crosz's entries are excerpts from his personal journal.

    Deceiver Chronicles

    p=. Riposte |[[Crosz Entry 1]]|[[Crosz Entry 2]]|[[Crosz Entry 3]]|[[Crosz Entry 4]]|[[Crosz …