Tag: Female


  • Willow

    Willow is a beautiful elven woman who has lived for over 400 years. Many of her years were spent in Lothanewi where she has been trained as a lorekeeper, bard and soldier. After more than a century of bloodshed against the shadowelves and many of her …

  • Chico

    Chico hatched shortly after Janus forsook heaven so that she could survive. This forged the dragon mark between the two, entwining their destinies. She has since picked up a number of the bard's bad habits.

  • Luxandra Zalmandros

    Luxandra was once apart of the minor Ro noble house of Zalmandros before the Night Reign. Though she was young, she proved to be a quick minded learner who began to excel at courtly politics. Since the Night Reign and the fall of Ro, Luxandra has had …

  • Lola

    Lola was born on the first day of the Blood Culling a blind half elf. Her parents were soldiers in the Ro military. Shortly after her birth, her parents were killed in the war with Aiyia. Since that time, Lola was passed from one family to the next until …