Night Reign

Pawn takes Bishop I
A city in flames

The heroes make the voyage from the island to the port city of Zeal. The trip takes 3 days which proves to be uneventful until the dawn before their arrival. Each person experiences a vision during their sleep. Once the vision is over, each is awoken by a loud cry from above deck. The city of Zeal is within sight.

Pawn takes Bishop II
Fragmented Loyalties

“It will be difficult.” said Luxandra to Garion as she leaned up against the table. “I’m willing to help and plan the assault with you.”

The group had finally convinced the leader of the Daggers of Light to join the Dawn Watch in making a defiant stand against the Empire. All that was left was to make the plans with Oldguart and hopefully rescue a friend in the process.

Pawn takes Bishop Finale
Liberate your mind

X. Planet Hell: 88 Autumn 2978, afternoon
The heroes came down the spiral staircase into the main worship hall of the Zaros Cathedral to find the door already open. The sounds of chanting, the buzz of electricity and the heat of fire were nearly overwhelming. Peaking inside, the group could spot a score of worshipers, five of which were winkar wardens who were encircling a fiery vortex containing the half formed body of a Balor. At the main alter to the Moon, in front of a large statue to Ilius stood Minister’s Valisk and Ovaris.

Making sure to be as prepared as possible, the group used magic to harden their skin with earth magic to reduce the impact of weapons thanks to Kyana and become invisible thanks to Janus. Ready as they were going to get, Garion moved into the room first and with his mighty sonic bastard sword, cleaved the nearest priest in two, his screams bringing the chanting to a complete halt as the none of the worshipers could see any attack. Valisk, with an annoyed look to his face glanced at Ovaris and growled, “There are rats in my church.”

Dancing in Circles
Old friends drop in

I. Damage Control: 88 Autumn 2978, afternoon
With the fighting mostly over, the collective group moves off to Lord Oldguart’s manor to figure out their next move. Valker Meadows and Willow were both moved to the cathedral along with the other wounded. Lola joined the group at the manor where she went off to another room to rest from her experience. The main group gathered in Oldguart’s den to discuss what had transpired.

Interlude: Bitter Allies
Bitterness runs deep

Location: City of the Dead, Capital of the Ilium Empire

Blood Money
Money always comes with a cost

VI. Money for Something: 90 Autumn 2978, afternoon
Illisthor, as the commander of the new army of Ro in Zeal, escourted those Bone Guard unwilling to join the cause of the rightful king of Ro to the city gate where they were told to leave and never return.

As the snow began to fall, the group of heroes returned back to Oldguart’s manor to begin their preparations to leave for Solis. In the midst of getting ready, Garion spoke with Oldguart about what needed to be done in the city in his absence.

Path of Redemption
It's never to late to try

X. He who Watches: 92 Autumn 2978, morning
The group gather at the church in the morning with Cecil who wished them well and good fortune. He knew that trip was going to be dangerous, the expression upon is face was clear. He drew everyone together and gave a prayer to the sun. As the priest cast the spell, everyone’s vision began to blur into a white wash and then nothing but white light which lasted several moments as the group made the transit to the Emerald Forest of Solis.

The Flawed Hero
Deals with the devil in the pale moonlight

Upon reaching the Astral Mountains, Lance led the group to a cave entrance overrun with foilage. The entrance was worked stone and filled with spider webs from years of not being used. With several torches lit, the group made their way inside the tunnel and began the long trek to the castle secret entrance.

Deceiver Chronicles: Assassination
A new path opens

1 Spring, 2979
The first day of spring and the city of Masshiro had spent 10 days preparing for the week long Spring Celebration. In addition to the celebration, the ruler of Masshiro invited diplomats from Lothanewi to attend the celebration as well as continue talks for continued non aggression between the two. The highlight for the first day of the festival was a scheduled circle dance between Falling Leaf and Shil’vargo.

Deceiver Chronicles: Spelunker
Magic Cart Ride

The group made their way deeper into the copper mine, hoping that they would not need to travel too deeply into the goblin infested caves. Their choice in paths took them a sleeping area for the goblins where several highly annoyed goblins meet them in combat. Miro meet the goblins head on as the other three provide support to the large cushani. Jarrett proved to be devastating with his eldritch powers, dropping goblin after goblin in rapid order.


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