Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Promises
Going home empty handed

13 Spring, 2979

With the saint defeated, the group headed out from the mountain top temple via the portal back to the Prime. Once again within the crypt, they made their way through the maze of skeletal remains and back to the temple proper where they unbarred the door and entered the front hall. To their surprise, four winkar were in the hall as well, inspecting the blood stains along the ground. The two groups stared at one another for several tense moments. One of the priests spoke first, “Who are you and why are you here?”

Deceiver Chronicles: Saint
Who is your savior?

13 Spring, 2979
A gust of wind rushed forth from the secret door on the backside of the worship hall, spilling the heroes into the main hall. Following the wind the group saw the slow movement of the Breath creeping along the floor towards them. Not wishing to deal with such a horror, the group looked for ways to leave the area. The doors to the west and the exit to the south were both now shut but the door to the north, which was closed before, was now open. Not sparing any time, they grabbed the fallen winkar bodies and rushed through the doorway.

Deceiver Chronicles: Raider
Sacrifice can be good or evil

Vair died trying to be a hero.

With the fighting finally over, the group quickly began a search of the area in hopes of finding Vair. Feloryn finally managed to find her tracks which led up to a burning building and the entrace blocked by burning debris. Hedge, concerned for his friend, punched his way through the burning reckage into the building where he began to move burning beams and boards till he found the body of the dragonborn clutching a human child.

Deceiver Chronicles: Moonlight
Downtime Scene III

13 Spring, 2979
Feloryn motioned with his hand silently to the rest of the group to stop moving. He moved to crouch behind a boulder and motioned up ahead. The rest of the group took cover behind rocks and brush and looked beyond the path to the mountainside and the temple to the Moon. The structure was built into the rockface and appeared to span two stories. The rock carved walls contained reliefs of gothic design of wyrms and gargoyles along with steep, sharp and angular walls. The entrace to the temple was flanked by two stone statues of winkar, one of a priest, the other of a templar.

Seeing the massive and secure building, the group pulled back a bit to speak without giving away their presence. Jarett was the first to speak up, “That’s going to be a tough nut to crack,” he said. “Those walls are solid stone.”

Deceiver Chronicles: Unmasked
Downtime Scene II

12 Spring, 2979
“Who would have thought he would be this heavy,” growled Hedge as he dragged along a little made of branches. Jarett moaned and turned his sweat soaked head to the side and coughed, a trickle of blood sliding out from his mouth.

“He’s getting worse,” observed Vaar as she pulled up the rear, keeping an eye on the half elf as they went.

Hedge glanced back at the dragonborn, “The old hermit’s place is just another hour or so away. I can already see the beginnings of the mountain now.”

“Are you sure we are going to find something that can help?” asked Feloryn from the front of the group. “I thought you said this hermit’s place was trashed when you were there last?”

Deceiver Chronicles: Sickness
Downtime Scene I

10 Spring, 2979
As the total eclipse finally crested the Astral Mountains, the group of adventurers stood at the north gate of Masshiro ready to set out for the next mission. Standing over the rest, Hedge the Cushani and Vaar the Dragonborn looked out over the trail heading to the northwest with grim determination. At their side stood the masked half elf Jarret and the eladrin Feloryn.

“How long do you think this time Hedge?” asked Jarret as he adjusted the straps of his backpack.

Deceiver Chronicles: Puppets
Not everyone is playing on the same side

Down one, the group made their way down the second passageway into another carved out cavern, this one populated by several zombies and kruthiks. On a raised platform stood two figures, a winkar of pale skin and a shadow elf in black clothing and armor. As the group entered, the shadow elf quickly spoke a phrase to the winkar and then stepped back into the shadows of his companion. His form began to dematerialize into pure shadow before disappearing altogether.

Deceiver Chronicles: Depth
Long live the Queen?

After a brief rest, the group made their way through the hole in wall caused by the partially collapsed section of the manor. Within the room they found bits and pieces of humanoid remains, rags and broken wood. At the far side of the room was a hole in the ground, most likely caused by the same destruction that left the hole in the wall. After a quick look through to the lower floor, the group saw several zombies milling about in what appeared to be the kitchen. Hedge leaned back from the hole and motioned to Jarret, “Think you could shine a little sun down there?”

Deceiver Chronicles: Breath
New help with an old problem

8 Spring, 2979
Having defeated the undead and kruthiks in the living room, the group decided to pull off and recover from the combat and return after several hours of rest. As they returned to the mansion, they founded a dark clad eladrin at the gate. He shifted his spear to other hand as the group approached and introduced himself as Feloryn. He had been another hire by Skeeter to help with the kruthik problem. After a round of introductions, the large group of would be adventurers entered inside the mansion.

Deceiver Chronicles: Bloodied
The bug hunt begins

”...and here is a bag that will help you with the bodies. It won’t carry much but it’s a start,” stated the halfling as he handed over the bag of holding to the ranger. “Oh, and I want that thing back of course,” he added.

Liftrasa gave a nod and took the bag from the green eyed halfling before leaving the shop. She knew the dragonborn warrior was off taking care of her own business before joining up. It was of little concern for her though. A job was a job. Now all she had to do was get to the Vortex to meet up with the others.


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