Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Discovery
Assault on Hawk Keep II

36 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

With the tieflings defeated, the group took a breather in the library as they searched over the bodies for clues. Finding nothing of note, the group moved up to the door leading into the grand hall. Listening at the door they could hear voices talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Ghesh took the lead and throw open the door to catch several more tiefling in the midst of arming themselves.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Assault
Assault on Hawk Keep I

35 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Market Wheel

With their portal key, the group made their way through the portal and exited in a warehouse. The large room contained a variety of boxes and crates stacked to various heights and stamped with different symbols of merchants. Torches provided some degree of light in the room. As they gathering their barrings, they heard footfall coming up towards them. As they braced for the worse, they saw a group of tiefling guards round the corner and saw a surprised look appear on their faces. “What are you doing here? Identify yourselves.” barked the head guard.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Portal
You can't escape the darkness

34 Spring, 2975
Plains of Charloc

The vampire turned his head to each side, the sounds of his neck popping broke the silence of the two groups. Crosz gave a snarl as he took a step forward, “They are yours no longer.”

Deceiver Chronicles II: Escape
Fight or Flight in the face of the night

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Maximum Security

“Stay back here.” Crosz told the group of prisoners as they collected weapons from the fallen guards, “It will be safer for you.” The prisoners were reluctant at his words but mostly nodded in agreement to his announcement.

“So…” the judge turned to look at the shadow elf guard, “Alegra is in maximum security at the bottom. Who will be guarding her?”

The shadowelf looked up at the tiefling with an annoyed look but answered with a slight shiver, “Probably the warden, Borett.”

Deceiver Chronicles II: Asylum
Unexpected prisoner

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Level 3

Thankful to be out of the proximity of the breath dragon, the heroes made their way into the water pipe system where they navigated through a series of pipes, heading in the general direction away from the aquaducts. Eventually, they made their way to a light source at the end of a narrow pipe. Still Waters volunteered to sneak through the pipe and check out the area.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Ascent
Beware of dragons

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Aqueducts
With the aqueducts thankfully behind them, the group quickly made there way through another series of waterways until they finally reached the bridgeway from the water source into the main prison. The stone bridgeway that came into view as they ascended the stairway was in poor repair with several wooden and rope bridges connecting sections that had crumbled away. At their end of the bridgeway were two status, each of a demon which Elikko identified as a Marilith and a Balor.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Prison
Aqueduct Madness Network

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison

The group pulled back to the waterfall of the ravine to plan their strategy. It was decided that, since there was no immediate way out of Vorgard, the prison was their only direction to take. Still Waters meanwhile, volunteered to scout out the prison to try and find a way inside without using the front door.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Vorgard
Charloc Prison

33 Spring, 2979
Shadow Elf Outpost, Lothanewi
Ever alert, the group prepared for the inevitable counterattack by the shadow elves. As Elikko and Darrin began working on opening the portal, a horn sounded throughout the tree tops. A few moments later, several shadow elves teleported onto the platforms in mists of black. The leading shadow elf, dressed in black leathers with red engravings and with a golden ancestral thinblade in his hand, began stalking towards the group at the portal with several brigands at his side.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Missing
The goal is on the move

32 Spring, 2979
After the fight with the Kalturith, Siliik came out of hiding with a worried look on his face but the group calmed him down enough so everyone could settle for the remainder of the evening. The rest of the night passed by uneventfully. Upon the morning, the gorup gathered their belongings and headed out after the tracks in hopes of finding Alegra Hawk.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Slave
The shadows have teeth

32 Spring, 2979
The group of heroes was easily able to pick up the tracks of three groups heading off deeper into the forest. Several hours into the journey, the group heard the noises of creatures heading in the direction. Just as they prepared themselves for a fight, a group of foul creatures rushed out from the brush.


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