Honorable Cushani Circle Dancer

Circle Dancer
Miro Fifth Born of the Stoneclaw Tribe
Level 3 Skirmisher

Medium Natural Humanoid
XP 150
Initiative +7 ♦ Senses Perception +6
HP 48; Bloodied 24
AC 17; Fortitude 16, Reflex 18, Will 15
Speed 7
Stutter Step (Standard, At-Will) ♦ Weapon
Shift 1 square before the attack roll; +8 vs. AC; 1d6+6 damage (+1d6 on crit) and slide the target 1 square.
Push Back (Standard, ) ♦ Weapon
+8 vs. AC; 1d6+6 damage (+1d6 on crit) and push the target 4 squares. if the target leaves your circle of power, the target takes 1d6 damage.
Retributive Flame Strike (Immediate Reaction when hit by an attack, Encounter) ♦ Fire, Weapon
+8 vs. AC; 2d6 damage and make a secondary attack; +8 vs. Fortitude; 2d6 fire damage.
Predator’s Roar (Minor, Encounter) ♦ Fear
Close Burst 2; +6 vs. Will; -2 to all defeneses until the end of Miro’s next turn.
Circle of Power (Standard, At-Will) ♦ Zone
Close Burst 4; the burst creates a zone in which you fight. Once per round, you can add 6 damage to a damage roll.
Alignment Good ♦ Languages Rathek
Skills Acrobatics +11, Perception +13
<table> <tr> <td>Str 12 (+7)</td> <td>Dex 22 (+12)</td> <td>Wis 18 (+10)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Con 14 (+8)</td> <td>Int 18 (+10)</td> <td>Cha 12 (+7)</td> </tr> </table>
Equipment Dragon Claws


Miro Fifth Born was born to the Stoneclaw Tribe. Unable to win a mate for himself, he set off with his sister to Lothanewi were they fought in the elven resistance under Mara Sil’owen’elli for a time. He found Mara’s circle dancing to be an inspiration though he couldn’t find the passion in fighting the shadow elves that his sister shared so he left and traveled down to Masshiro in hopes of finding a circle dancer to train under.

During his stay in Masshiro, he befriended Cethedge, Jarett and Grace and helped them recover the sundrop fruit needed to cure Warlord Velero Hawk. Shortly there after he received word that his sister was in trouble back in Lothanewi. He said his goodbyes to his friends and set off with new founded confidence.


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