Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Talon

Here there be dragons

4 Spring, 2979
After a good rest, the group set back out to explore more of the underground temple. They found the bodies of the orcs they had killed yesterday still in their original places. They headed to the opposite side of the room and headed down a short hallways where they found a heavily wounded orc hiding behind a piller. He was trying to stay out of view and range of a trio of kobolds with slings. The group decided to wait until the orc was killed before proceeding into the room where they fought the slingers at ranged.

As the fight got underway, two kobolds with large shields came charging into the room. Miro pulled off and confronted the dragonshields as Grace and Jarret took down the slingers on the ledge. Less than a minute later, the kobolds were dead and the group took a brief rest before investigating the room further. They found that the ledge along the wall also turning into a small tunnel that connected several rooms together.

The next room was a smaller room with a low 10 foot ceiling and only 20 by 35 feet in size. Dominating the western side of the room was a 20 foot diameter pit. On the opposite side, propped up agains the wall were two glass coffins with a faint glowing light inside. As the group investigated, the entryway into the room was closed off by a moving wall and a piller of blades sprung up from the pit. The group scatteed across the room as the piller, which was more the shape of a top, spun across the room, slicing everything in its path. Jarrett tried to disarm a panel that he found next to the sealed exit but to no avail. He ended up reverting to blasting it with eldritch energy until the it exploded. When the blade top finally came to a stop, the group sighed collectively.

Upon investigating the room, they found a pair of bracers on a mantle that allowed the wearer to deal acid damage and when they opened on the coffins, two bounding balls of light came out and fluttered about the room and then went down the pit. Curious, Hedge looked down the hole and shined his light down to get a better look. He was met by the face of a dragon, a very mad one at that. The group decided that the better part of valor was leave immediately.

Moving onward, they came upon another room which held more kobolds, one of which was dressed in exotic leathers and scales of a dragon. The fighting was standard for the group with the cushani in the front and the half elves in the back. When the fighting was done they broke for a few minutes to rest before proceeding down a series of stairs which led into a smelly room where they found a makeshift tent made of red fabrics in the center of the room and a drake flying about it. At the far side of the room was a large statue of a menacing humanoid in spiked plate mail. The statue gave off a faint green aura. Flanking the statue were two arbalesters.

The group dealt with the spire top drake first and in the commotion, brought 3 more drakes upon them. They stayed near the stairs to give them cover from the animated crossbows on the other side of the room. Once the drakes were killed, they used the cover of the stairs and the tent to make there way across the room where they climbed up the ledge and disposed of the arbalesters. With the fighting concluded, the group took a short rest before proceeding down a long hallway with multiple doors, alcoves and a roughly carved tunnel headed to the west.

Not fearing the dark, the group headed down the tunnel where they came face to face with the dragon from earlier. The black draon, large in size was not amused by their invasion and immediately moved to spew its acidic breath at the heroes. The battle with the dragon proved to be a difficult undertaking for the group. Grace called out with her arcane energy to summon her trusted lightning hornet to harass the dragon while Miro and Hedge moved in to confront the dragon directly. Jarret was slow to act at first as he was slowed down by the acid goo that stuck to him. As he shook it off, anger and hate filled his eyes and with a loud yell, began to hurl radiant energy with devastating effect at the dragon. The dragon in turn, growled in pain by the pain inflicted. The lightning hornet continued to sting the dragon which drew its now angered attention and it was rendered into nothingness by talon and teeth soon after.

The group managed to keep the dragon on its toes and kept it from catching the whole group in its dragon’s breath. Like ants they swarmed the dragon with their weapons until the dragon collapsed from its wounds and did not stir. The group gave a relieved sigh and made preperations to rest. There would be no more fighting this day.

XP per Player 745

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