Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Spelunker

Magic Cart Ride

The group made their way deeper into the copper mine, hoping that they would not need to travel too deeply into the goblin infested caves. Their choice in paths took them a sleeping area for the goblins where several highly annoyed goblins meet them in combat. Miro meet the goblins head on as the other three provide support to the large cushani. Jarrett proved to be devastating with his eldritch powers, dropping goblin after goblin in rapid order.

In the midst of the fighting, Hedge noticed that one of the goblins had a bad of the fruit that they were searching for. The goblin holding the bad tried to get away through a back entrance tunnel but Jarrett was to quick with the trigger and scorched the goblin completely. Unfortunately, the bag of fruit went up with the goblin which rendered them useless.

With those goblins dealt with, the group moved on the opposite side of the mine where they encounter a pair of goblins along with several drakes. The fight did not take long with the goblins and drakes being completely outmatched by the well organized heroes. Once again Miro held the line as the rest of the group picked off their attackers one by one.

Not caring to search out the den of drakes, the group pressed onto the last remaining tunnel which lead them into a work room with several mining carts and a track that led off into darkness. The two goblins in the room were busy putting bags into a cart when the group arrived. They screamed something foul in their native tongue and then jumped into the cart and pushed off down the track. Not wanting to let them get away with more fruit, the group jumped in the next cart and took off after them. The track led out of the room and into a massive cavern in which the tracks criscrossed its way down to the lower levels.

Through hair pin turns and parts of the tracks missing the group raced after the two goblins who fired arrows back at the group. Jarret returned the gesture with bolts of eldrtich energy while Grace continually placed bombs of gas. Hedge and Miro used their weight to guice the cart along the tracks. Near the end of the adventure ride they saw a section of the tracks out and so Hedge drew his weapons and timed a stab at the tracks perfectly to send the group into the air to avoid the pitfall. They landed harshly back onto the tracks and closed enough of the distance that Jarrett and Grace were able to put down the two goblins just as they pulled into the next cavern.

Awaiting the group at the bottom where more goblins waiting for them. Hedge tried to reason with the goblins but they seemed to not understand the rathek or cerian tongue. Thus combat ensured. The two cushani and two half elves bested the goblins in a good display of tactics though the goblin hexer proved difficult to deal with for a time. When the fighting was done, there was still no fruit to be had. They pressed onward, taking the left path down into another den, this one though had mostly female and kobold pups. Not wanting to kill off women and children, the group once against tried to communicate with the kobolds and only managed to get pointed in another direction. Taking the information, the group backed out slowly and headed off in the pointed direction.

The next chamber was a large cave which revealed a goblin seating on a make shift throne with several piles of gold as well as several bags of the sun drop fruit that the group was seeking. Hedge tried for a third time to try and communicate and to his relief, the goblin chieftain was intelligent enough to understand the motions that the Cushani was making. In an exchange of gold for fruit, the group managed to achieve their goal without anymore fighting. Happy with their success, the group left the mine shaft and headed back to Jimon’s hut.

Upon reaching the hut, they found the door ajar once more and upon entering, they found the hut ransacked and the hermit missing along with his books on how to create the antidote. After a bout of curses, the group set out to try and track down Jimon’s kidnappers. The trail was growing cold quickly but the group was able to follow the tracks up higher into the mountains along the Talon Pass. An hour later the group made their way to an entrance to a forgotten temple by appearance. With sure fire courage the group decended into darkness and found themselves within a well crafted room of flagstone floors and walls. The foyer of the temple showed signs of activity and an open door to their right.

Heading through, the group rounded a corner and stumbled onto a group of orcs that seemed to be in the process of regrouping. Spotting the heroes, the drudges of the group charged with their axes and swords. The group used the narrow hallway to their advantage and was able to hold off the advance with Miro once more holding the line. When the last orc fell, the group took a long pause to rest, knowing that their energy was near spent. With only a handful of days left, the group took a rest knowing it could be their last.

XP: 805
Treasure: Exalted Chain +1, Staff of the War Mage +1, Rod of Corruption +1, Dwarven Scale +1, bag of sun drop fruit.

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