Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Saint

Who is your savior?

13 Spring, 2979
A gust of wind rushed forth from the secret door on the backside of the worship hall, spilling the heroes into the main hall. Following the wind the group saw the slow movement of the Breath creeping along the floor towards them. Not wishing to deal with such a horror, the group looked for ways to leave the area. The doors to the west and the exit to the south were both now shut but the door to the north, which was closed before, was now open. Not sparing any time, they grabbed the fallen winkar bodies and rushed through the doorway.

The door opened into a hallway only fifteen feet in length and then turned to the east. The group quickly went about shutting the stone door and then using clothing from the winkar bodies to seal up the edges of the doorway. With the door secure to the best of their ability, the group turned to explore the immediate area to ensure that nothing else was going to jump out at them. As they rounded the corner, they came face to face with a creature of flesh, bone, claws and teeth. The savage horror screeched a war cry at the adventurers as they came into view.

Hedge tried to send the creature running away but it refused to move and so, he took his sword and swung at it instead. The massive blow staggered the creature but it did not move. As the rest of the group moved to engage, a feminine voice called out, “Phineas sit!” and the creature immediately obeyed.

Taken aback, the group backed off from the horror creature as a halfling woman stepped out from behind. She introduced herself as Laxmi after a round of questions trying to figure out the reason for being in the hallway. Both groups decided that the other was not hostile and settled for mutual partnership considering the current situation. Laxmi dismissed Phineas and went to look at the door that was holding back the spirit of Saint Varin and the Breath. Tolim blinked at the disappearing creature and then back at the halfling, “What are you?”

“I’m a summoner dearie,” she replied

The group waited for several hours to see if the spirit would crush its way through the stone door but after several thumps against the door, nothing more happened. After several hours of rest, the group decided to head off further down the hallway to investigate what they had locked themselves in with. After a thirty foot hallway, the group found themselves in a massive undergroup crypt with skeletal remains lining the hallways three high. A bit surprised at the crypt, the group stuck close together and followed along the wall to their left in hopes of finding a way out of the crypt. After traveling more than two hundred feet, several members of the group starting catching glimpses of creatures moving about the hallways, but could never catch full sight of whatever it was. Then the clicking sound began which echoed throughout the seemingly empty hallways.

The group remained close together however Hedge moved off down the hallway farther away from the group after he caught a glimpse of something moving. That’s when the reavers and the deathdog descended upon them. The deathdog moved quickly and attacked Hedge, knocking him off his feet. The pale reavers glided along the ground towards the rest of the group, trying to form a barrier so the deathdog could claim its first prize. The cushani however, was not a simple house cat to be bullied. The warlord took what the dog could offer and launched several attacks of his own. The rest of the group meanwhile, brutally attacked the pale reavers, dissipating them in rapid order.

The deathdog proved difficult to kill, but the group used positioning and tactics to keep the creature contained and eventually, it fell to their combined onslaught. With the creature dead, they continued on through the crypt, and after more than an hour, finally completed a circuit of the massive chamber. At the center of the crypt they found a circular dais which was dominated by a four column archway covered in Winthik runes detailing the life of Saint Varin and his resting place.

After some study, the group determined that the archway was, in fact, a portal leading to the resting place of Saint Varin. Fearing no Saint, the group went to work on the portal and after a few moments, activated the portal and stepped through. On the other wide, the group found themselves in a stone temple atop of a mountain. The skyline was dark and forboding, and the group came to realize that they were no longer on Falamar but in Vorgard, the realm of shadow and the polar opposite twin of Avangard, the Fey Realm.

At the center of the temple was a pedastal with a jeweled chalice upon it. Standing beside the chalice was a large winkar, easily standing over eight feet in height and over five feet wide. Dressed in long, flowing black robes and wielding a flaming scythe, Saint Varin beseeched the group to submit to the will of the Moon and take him as their savior. Defiantly, the group declined and Hedge, ever brash, grabbed the Chalice of Ikar. The fight ensued.

Saint Varin was massive but quick, using negative energy and fire as his weapons, he imprisoned Feloryn in fire and bone, continuingly crushing him, though he would not fall. Thumper and Hedge worked together to hamper the Saint’s movements as Laxmi summoned Phineas to hamper the saint’s attacks. Jarett and Tolim began a barrage of magical attacks from a distance to wear down the defenses of the spirit. Though the Saint fought valiantly, the combined might of the group was too much for the spirit of Saint Varin and the final blow dissipated the spirit. The group was tired and injured but happy that they had defeated such a powerful opponent. Now if only they could get out of Vorgard before something else showed up.

XP per Player: 501
Treasure Found: Chalice of Ikar



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