Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Raider

Sacrifice can be good or evil

Vair died trying to be a hero.

With the fighting finally over, the group quickly began a search of the area in hopes of finding Vair. Feloryn finally managed to find her tracks which led up to a burning building and the entrace blocked by burning debris. Hedge, concerned for his friend, punched his way through the burning reckage into the building where he began to move burning beams and boards till he found the body of the dragonborn clutching a human child.

Vair died a hero trying to save the children of the fishing village and the group her body to rest in a quiet gathering of friends. Hedge vowed to the group that the lunites would pay for what they had done. In the process of deciding their next course of action, the group was introduced to two individuals inquirying about the temple of the Moon, a half orc mercenary and a gnome fisherman. The half orc introduced himself as Thumper, a nickname he had picked up during his mercenary years. The gnome, in a giddy way, called himself Tolim. The group saw Thumper as an immediate help being a big, strong and adept with a mace. Tolim on the otherhand, was short and seemed to possess no tactical expression. Until Thumper stuck a melon on a stick and asked Tolim to attack it which he did, dissolving the melon with a orb of acid he conjured. With no further need of explaination, the new and large group headed to the Temple of Saint Varin with a score to settle.

It took only a short time to arrive back at the temple for the group. Now that they had time to study the building more closely, Jarett said he recognized the place. He explained to the group that the building is over 500 years old and it was rumored to be under the guardianship of Saint Varin himself, in his undead form. The fact did little to phase Hedge, who drew his sword and strode right up to the open entry and yelled into the entry hall at the winkar inside to face him. A collective sigh went about the rest of the heroes who then immediately moved to back the move of their companion.

The winkar were in the back half of the large room which was visually broken down into three sections. Upon the western side of the room was a raised platform which contained a large stone door. The eastern side of the room mirrored the west and the northern section of the room contained a depression leading down to another large stone door. At the center of the room where the winkar and four undead servants underneath a elegant archway made from four statues whose scythes arched to the center of the room.

As the group moved in through the entrance, the undead faithful moved up to engage the group first but were quicky and efficiently cut down by the heroes. The priest backed orders to his reaper and soldier to attack while he began to invoke the divine power of the Moon, sending comet like missiles of silver light at the group. The fighting took a bit more effort than the group was use to due to the two additional new members however they managed to defeat the priest and his two bodyguards.

After a brief rest and search of the bodies, the group decided upon the western door as the first room to search. Upon opening the door, they found a gathering hall filled with tables, chairs and beds. Upon the walls were painting and carvings of various scenes involving Ilius and Ikar. Within the room were several more bodyguards as well as another priest. The fighting went much more smoothly this time as the group began to understand the thoughts and actions of one another.

Upon clearing out this room and another brief rest, the group decided to press their luck with the eastern room. Upon entering this room, they found the main worship room. At the far end of the room were four priests surrounding a large chalice which appeared to be holding some reddish liquid. Beside them was a single reaper bodyguard. As the group opened the door with weapons drawn, the priests began to chant in unison, releasing a barrage of silver comets at the group making it seem like it was raining silver death.

The group endured the attack however and charged the group. The reaper stood defiant against the group as they charged on top of him. He managed to get a couple of swings of his scythe off against the half orc but he could not land a hit and toppled over dead a few moments later. With their bodyguard dead, the priest began to scatter against the onslaught of the group. They managed as best as they could, calling upon the Moon to save them from their attacks. Their voices went largely unheard until the last priest was left standing upon a pool of blood from the knocked over alter.

The priest, seeing that he was on death’s door, dropped to his knees and began to pray, lifting his voice to a loud and powerful chant. The group, concerned that something was building, pulled back to the far side of the room where Jarret focused his will and leveled an eldritch blast at the kneeling priest. As the magical attack struck, the priest uttered one last pray and then fell over dead. As his body fell, it suddently disintegrated into a dark mass of fog. A back door to the worship hall, presumably a secret door, suddenly blew open, sending a blast of air throughout the temple. The blast sent the heroes stumbling back into the entry hall. The entrance door then slammed shut as the Breath began creep into the room.

XP per Player: 745
Treasure Found: Googles of Aura Sight, Xaralac’s Blessing +2, 80gp, 2 pearls (100gp each)



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