Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Puppets

Not everyone is playing on the same side

Down one, the group made their way down the second passageway into another carved out cavern, this one populated by several zombies and kruthiks. On a raised platform stood two figures, a winkar of pale skin and a shadow elf in black clothing and armor. As the group entered, the shadow elf quickly spoke a phrase to the winkar and then stepped back into the shadows of his companion. His form began to dematerialize into pure shadow before disappearing altogether.

Jarett, Grace and Hedge looked to one another, “I think that was the same shadow elf from before, at Talon Pass.” said Hedge in his usual gravel voice.

“Well he’s gone now… again,” replied Grace as she called her lightning hornet into existance. “And again, it doesn’t look like they are going to let us leave.”

Jarett simply nodded as flames came to life around his body. The two groups clashed together in the cavern. The heroes had the upper hand in the fight due to their familiarity with the foes having fought against them for the past several days. It was not until the winkar joined the fray that the battle became difficult. Once the Winkar was close enough to see clearly, it became clear that the winkar was actually one of the undead, a breath zombie.

The breath that poured from the winkar hampered and drained the life essence from the heroes little by little but with the backing of the Sun through Jarett and the tactical precision led by Hedge and Feloryn, the group overcome the undead and kruthiks and finally ended the threat of the invasion on Masshiro.

The group made their way out of the mansion in a hurry, not wanting to spend any more time within the infested building. From the mansion they made their way down to the market wheel where they deliever a pile of kruthik bodies to Skeeter who’s green eyes flared in excitment. He paid the group hansomely for the bodies and quickly called forth his half orc slave to start carrying the bodies inside.

9 Spring, 2979
After that business was concluded, the group headed to Hawk Castle to report the end of the kruthik invasion. The guards, though annoyed, led the group inside and soon the captain of the guard arrived to speak with the group. The tiefling Vilmuth spoke with the group, giving his thanks for ending the kruthik threat. “You have done a great service to this city and the Warlord gives his thanks.”

“How is Warlord Hawk?” asked Hedge.

“Regaining more of his strength each day. He is mad as hell, but that is to be expected.”

“Yeah… about that. We ran into some info that points to the shadow elves as the ones behind everything. It’s a hunch, but they keep showing up as we dig deeper.”

The tiefling commander arched his brows at the news. “This can’t be. They have been seeking peace for the past several seasons, even to the point of sending diplomats as you saw… it… it just doesn’t make sense.”

“Something doesn’t add up. Too many bugs under the same log.” interjected Grace.

Her comment drew curious looks from everyone but the facts hung in the air like a heavy fog. “If what you say is true… then we have a bigger problem. Lady Alegra has already set out for Lothanewi to continue the peace talks.” Vilmuth shook his head heavily, “But everything pionts to the Winkar…”

“You have to call her back,” Feloryn said with a hint of concern in his voice.

Vilmuth only shook his head, “Not possible. She is with some of the finest Fireswords that Masshiro can offer. She will be alright. But… perhaps you should speak with the commander, it would ultimately be his decision to make while Lord Hawk is recovering.”

With that, the group was shown to a large strategy room to wait for the commander to arrive. After some time, the door finally opened to reveal Vilmuth in the company of two other tieflings introduced as Dove Alcor the Seneschal and Wilcor Ralma, military commander of Masshiro. Everyone gathered around the table to listen to the group retell the tale of their adventure to Talon Pass and the fight agaisnt kruthik infestation.

“I hold my doubts that the shadow elves are responsible, not with one of their nobles here in the city,” stated Wilcor coldly, “All evidence points to the Winkar as the ones responsible.”

“But that makes perfect sense!” cried Grace, “Bait and switch. Lure the fawn from the herd so it can be eaten by the pack.”

“Lady Alrega is safe but, I will entertain your idea. There is a Winkar outpast just past Talon Pass, a temple of small renown. You will go there and find proof that the Winkar are not involved. Should you find it, return and I will be sure to have Lady Alegra brought safely home. Should you find their treachery, destroy them. You seem more than capable.”

The group sat in silence for several moments, “Supplies and compensation can be provided,” added the female tiefling. “To help you on your journey.”

“We will do this,” answered Hedge.

With the meeting concluded the group exited the castle and made their way back to the Velvet Lounge. Once they were securely in their room, Grace finally broke the silence, “I don’t like it. Not one bit.”

“It’s not like we have a whole lot to go off of,” replied Feloryn.

“It stinks,” added Hedge.

Grace gave a shrug, “I think I should stay behind, keep an eye on things here. Something about Wilcor doesn’t sit right with me.” The rest of the group nodded slowly, knowing that it was the wisest course of action.

“We will head to this temple. Come hell we will find out what is going on. And if I get to eat a few Winkar along the way…”

Feloryn’s face grew pale at the thought.

XP per Player: 561
Treasure Found: 1,525gp, 2 rubies (100gp)



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