Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Infested

New Job, New Employer

5 Spring, 2979
Fully rested, the group made its way from the dragon’s den and back into the hallway. Confronted with several doors, they started peeking their way around the area to find a room filled with several dead bodies and more doors, a set of bedrooms by the look of it. Deciding not to get involved with dead bodies at that point, the group made their way to another door where Hedge listened at the door to try and determined what was on the other side. He thought he made out some noise but couldn’t tell what. He cautiously opened the door to find a red imp directly in front of him who had been listening at the other side of the door. The imp panicked and screamed.

The screaming imp brought the its defenders quickly to the door. Three large mastiff looking creatures came running across the room though these creatures appeared to be made of a liquid metal which shimmered in the torch light of the room. The imp, in its terror, quickly went invisible and fled away from the door as the heroes piled into the room to confront the iron defenders. The rubble along the ground made the fighting a little difficult but Miro and Hedge worked together well, using each others feints and surges to corner the seperate and pick off the iron defenders. The imp meanwhile, tried to make a surprise attack against Grace with his poisonous tail but paid for his attack as Jarrett blinded him with a barrage of radiant energy. Screaming and on fire, the imp fly away to the other side of the room where it crawled into a small tunnel near the ceiling.

Once the remaining iron defenders were defeated, the group took a quick look around the room to find a set of stairs headed down to a door which had an archway that had carved into the stone the words “End it with valor”. A faint glow surrounded the archway giving an creepy feeling to everyone looking at it. In addition, the large fresco covered a majority of the wall depicting a series of battles from the Second Age of Horan during his quest to kill Ilius. The group decided that heading through that door would probably be wear Jimon was located but they didn’t want to leave the bedroom area left unchecked to prevent an attack from behind.

The group pulled back to the quarters where they began to search through the area. Just as they reached the middle of the hallway, two ghouls and a shadow wraith came rushing out from multiple bedrooms to attack the group. Thought the strength draining touch of the undead proved difficult, the group was able to topple the undead with an abundence of radiant energy from Jarrett. With nothing left to explore, the group headed back to the ‘Valor’ door and opened it up to reveal a gladitor styled pit. Spikes lined the walls around them that looked old and rusted. 10 feet up was a ledge that formed the second level. At each corner of the room was a ladder leading up to the second level but sturdy wooden bars prevented passage along the entire ledge. 10 feet up from the second level was the third level which the group saw the red imp from yesterday along side two figures. The first was a human male of pale skin, dark hair with a goatee and fine silk clothing. Beside the human was a shadow elf dressed in dark to black clothing and silver/white hair.

Upon seeing the group enter, the shadow elf turned to the human and barked something to him in tyrish which Jarrett translated to “This cannot interefer with our plans. Deal with them.” He then disappeared in a puff of black smoke. The mage gave a grin and with a flick of his fingers, released several secret doors along the walls of the pit and released a horde of creatures against the party. First out the door were five skeletons with swords and one with a bow. Quickly following them was a skeleton that was on fire. Lastly, a pair of guard drakes came rumbling out of the passageway to the group.

The group quickly moved into their positions with Hedge and Miro at the front line to hold off the advancing skeletons. Jarrett made his way up one ladder to get a height advantage as he hurled fire and radiant energy. Grace meanwhile, made her way up an opposite ladder and tried to make her way up to the third level. The mage, whom the grop identified as Hareel Vaar, began casting his own spells, mostly focusing on Grace as she tried to make her way towards him. Quick to get some of his lost glory back, the imp fly over to Grace who responded by summoning her lightning hornet. Meanwhile, Miro and Hedge works together with Jarrett’s ranged support to quickly drop the skeletons and focus on the drakes.

The drakes did not last long and where quickly killed. As they fell, Miro and Hedge began to race to the third level along with Jarrett. Grace meanwhile, left her summon to deal with the imp as she closed in on the mage. The poor imp was outmatched by the hornet and fell to its death due to lightning. The mage, now helplessly outnumbered, was stabbed slashed and burned by the group till he tumbled off the edge in his death throes.

When the fightning was finished, the group made their way over to Jimon who was tied up to a statue on the far side of the room. As they reached him, they found a broken man who had been beaten and his eyes viciously removed. They patched him up as best as they could and quickly made their way out of the underground temple for the two day trek back to Masshiro.

7 Spring, 2979
Upon arriving back at the city, the group was briefly held up at the gate where they were informed that the city was suffering from a bad infestation of kruthiks, mostly likely from the same group that attacked the city six days ago. When informed of their quest, the guard quickly escourted the group to the castle where the asuni priest got to work on preparing an antidote for Warlord Hawk.

Vilmuth thanked the group for their great work. The conversation was short though as he had to return to dealing with the kruthik problem. The group, always wanting to know more, started asking along the streets about the kruthik problem. What they found out was that the kruthik invasion inside the city started on the south side in the warehouse and merchant districts and has steadily begun moving northward into the castle and noble districts. Several people have been killed already by moving hordes of kruthiks and several thousand gold pieces in property damage had already been inflicted.

One main contact the group got in touch with through Grace was Skeeter, the halfling owner of a general store in the merchant district. He explained, after a bout of intimidation on both sides, that the kruthik were all over the place on the southside and that they needed to be stopped and he was willing to hire the group to do it. He just asked that any kruthik’s that they killed be brought back to him.

With 500 gold on the line, the group accepted and were told that he had also hired a few others to do the same job and would have the groups meet at the Vortex at midday to discuss how they wanted to proceed. Time was of the essence before the whole city was infested.

XP per Player: 595

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