Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Vorgard

Charloc Prison

33 Spring, 2979
Shadow Elf Outpost, Lothanewi
Ever alert, the group prepared for the inevitable counterattack by the shadow elves. As Elikko and Darrin began working on opening the portal, a horn sounded throughout the tree tops. A few moments later, several shadow elves teleported onto the platforms in mists of black. The leading shadow elf, dressed in black leathers with red engravings and with a golden ancestral thinblade in his hand, began stalking towards the group at the portal with several brigands at his side.

Slightly surprised by the sudden appearance of the elves, the group quickly began to work at protecting Elikko and Darrin to give them enough time to open the portal. Ghesh, Still Waters, and Crosz moved forward to engage the shadow elves while Andrik moved to the forefront of the bridge to the portal to catch any elves that got by his companions.

The first clash of weapons proved costly to the brigands who were quickly cut down by the heroes. The warrior however, proved a much more capable foe, engaged Ghesh at first opportunity with his golden thinblade. With the brigands already down, the confrontation seemed to be well contained until Darrin shouted a warning as two more brigands shadow stepped directly onto their platform with their short swords at the ready. The cleric stopped working on the portal and left Elikko to work as he pulled his weapon and engaged the brigands himself.

Seeing that Ghesh, Still Waters and Andrik had the elite warrior in hand, Crosz pulled back to assist Darrin. As the fight was in full swing and the warrior giving Ghesh all he could handle, three more brigands and another warrior shadow stepped onto the main platform and quickly moved to engage Still Waters and Andrik. Suddently the numbers were nearly even and the fight raged on.

As Crosz and Darrin took down the remaining brigands, three more shadow stepped onto the platform to take their place. Seeing that the shadow elf numbers were being replaced more quickly than they could defeat them, the judge called out to Elikko to hurry up and open the portal. The summoner only growled a reply as he pushed another sigil on the portal.

Meanwhile, at the forefront of the fight, the trio continued to hold the remaining shadow elves at bay, dropping several of the brigands while Still Waters managed to drop kick one of the warriors right off the platform. However, every time they managed to whittle down the numbers, more and more brigands began to appear on the platform and they were slowly drive back towards the portal.

Now surrounded on all sides, the fought desperately to keep the horde of brigands from breaking the line to give Elikko the time he needs. Just as things seemed to be at their worst, a shockwave suddenly exploded from the portal, nearly knocking over everyone. With the portal now open, Crosz called out to everyone to leave. Quickly, the group dashed for the portal that was already beginning to close. As the last hero ran through the portal, it snapped shut and sealed.

33 Spring, 2979
Crimson Shadow Valley, Vorgard
As the group took a quick rest to catch their breath, they looked around to see that they had ended up in a deep valley with a small, sickly looking stream running along their feet. Overhead the sky was dark with clouds though the constant shocks of lightning provided an occasional light to the area.

Andrik quickly went about to see if he could find any signs of Alegra and soon the dwarf declared that the elves had dragged her to horses where they had taken off down the valley. Knowing that they didn’t have any time to waste, they set off down the narrow valley until the reached a cliff and waterfall. The water headed down to an open plain of sparse brush and a backdrop of mountains. At the center of the plains stood a monolithic structure of black granite. The separate walls surrounding the building stood at nearly 80 feet in the air and were made to resemble cooled lava with jagged edges.

As the group traveled down the cliffside and towards the structure, they finally were able to make out details of guards which were composed of Shadar-Kai and Shadow Elves. At the massive entrace was a caravan of wagons run by Shadar-Kai which contain what appeared to be slave ready to enter. The group looked to one another with a grin.

XP per Player: 745
Treasure Found: None



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