Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Snakes

Yuan-Ti fallout on an island in the sky

42 Spring, 2979
Demonfall, Yuan-ti Encampment

After a full rest, the group gathered their belongings and headed to the portal. They said their goodbyes to Velero Hawk who promised to keep the portal open as long as he could. The venerable tiefling then opened the portal into the Demonfall. The Sunriders looked at one another with confident eyes and then marched through the portal.

On the other side of the portal, the group was met by an astounding sight. They were standing on a floating island of land. Gust of winds roared up from the sides of the island, making it hard to hear. Beyond their island the Sunriders saw many more islands of various sizes. The sight was rather inspiring if it were not for the fact that demons inhabited most of the islands. As their gazes fell back to their own island, they saw many half ruined buildings covered in snake designs and carvings. Within the courtyard stood massive columns of snake design standing twenty feet in height.

From the buildings, the heroes noticed movement. Within a few moments, several creatures that looked like humanoid snakes began to appear from the buildings. They held weapons at the ready and were tense at the prospect of battle. The apparent leader of the snakes, which Elikko called Yuan-Ti, slithered forward holding a snake carved wand. He made a motion to the columns which took on a greenish glow. The snake then called out to its allies to attack.

The Sunriders immediately went into action, moving into melee range with the yuan-ti. The massive columns, as the heroes moved into range, began to glow brighter and the bodies of the heroes became encrusted with crystal which provided a natural shielding against physical attacks. As the yuan-ti moved into combat, their bodies also became covered in crystal. The slug match that followed was grueling for both sides. The Sunriders were victorious in the end, slaying the yuan-ti to the last snake.

With all the opponents slain, the group moved to the far side of the floating island to another portal. Elikko inspected and fiddled with the portal for some time, trying to discern how the thing operated. In the end, they took a leap of faith and stepped throuh the portal to another island.



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