Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Slave

The shadows have teeth

32 Spring, 2979
The group of heroes was easily able to pick up the tracks of three groups heading off deeper into the forest. Several hours into the journey, the group heard the noises of creatures heading in the direction. Just as they prepared themselves for a fight, a group of foul creatures rushed out from the brush.

The group quickly organized and met the two prong assault head on with Ghesh taking the charge to the enemy upon his lizard mount and lance. Andrik meanwhile moved to the foulspawn with the staff and quickly began to set up his circle of power. Still Waters moved to take on one of the brutes in single combat, using her skills to knock him down and inflict lasting pressure point pain. Elikko used his summons to hamper the foulspawn while Crosz focused on keep his comrades upright. The fight, though challenging, proved that the group could work well together. Once the last foulspawn fell to the ground, the heroes took a quick breather. Crosz found a rather large sum of coin among the fallen bodies, made up mostly of falcons (Lothanewi gold piece). Wanting to make sure nothing else was going to be sneaking up on them, it was decided that the group would trace back the steps of the foulspawn.

As the group made their way through the forest, they moved into a high grass area where the blades easily reached six feet in the air if not higher in some places. Cautiously they moved through, following the tracks. When it became evident that nothing would be immediately found, the discussed heading back to pick up the original tracks when a young half elven boy in tattered clothing burst through the high grass and came to a dead stop as he saw the group who looked surprised to see him. As they looked him over, he was dirty and covered in fresh blood nearly from head to toe. He was breathing heavy as if he had run hard and fast to this point. Crosz asked if the boy was alright in the cerian tongue and when the boy didn’t repond, he went through several other languages until asking again in tyrish. The boy immediately looked to the tiefling in recognition but then fainted before he could act on it.

With the boy out cold, the group investigated the area to determine what the boy was running from. The blood over his body did not appear to be his own so they were hoping to find the creature it did belong to. A short while later they located the remains of a creature in the tall grass. A bloody mass of organs and blood was found, devoid of bones. Confused, the group headed back to their original task since they couldn’t find any other clues.

Their journey brought them to another battle sight a few hours later. A rather large battle had taken place and there were some scattered remains across the area, mostly blood but they did find a scrap of metal with some engraving upon it. Unable to determine what it meant, they stored the clue for later. They then located the original trail, this time however, only one set of tracks led off from the battle scene. They moved off and decided to camp before moving further.

While eating dinner, the half elven boy finally awoke to the site of Crosz. More calm now, the boy began to answer questions from Crosz about what had happened to him. He introduced himself as Silik from a slave town to the northwest. He had been out in the forest with his family when the Kalturith attacked. Confused by the name, Crosz asked the boy to explain. Silik explained that the Kalturith were a mythical predator that stalked prey during the night. Some believe that they were evil spirits of dead cushani who haunted the forest seeking revenge against the eldarin and elves who abandoned them during ancient times.

After telling the myth of the Kalturith, the boy grew fearful once more. He asked to return home but Crosz simply stated that they were not heading that way and that he should come with them. Though he feared recapture, he agreed to join the judge and his company of heroes in their journey.

With the conversation ended, the boy left to speak with Elikko who was sitting up in a tree nearby. A while later, as everyone settled down to relax, a dark fog began to rise up from the ground and from the center oak tree. As the fog rose, the group began to feel sick and weakened, as if something was draining their strength. Immediately the group sprung into action with one of them yelling out the rest “Breath!” The horror of the situation blanketed the approached of the Kalturith as they silently surrounded the group and then sprung their attack.

The creatures, which looked like large, black cushani shrouded in shadows and black fog, quickly attacked the group as they struggled to get out of the rising Breath. Unphased by the Breath themselves, the Kalturith struck fast, wounding several of the heroes before they could regroup and counterattack. Crosz began to yell to the group to get out of the Breath but each time they tried to move out, they were blocked by a Kalturith. Darrin tried to channel the power of the Sun to destroy the Breath but the frenzy of combat and blood proved to be too much of a power source for the Breath and it rebuffed his attempts.

The group instead, focused their fighting around Andrik’s circle of power, pushing and pulling the Kalturith in and around the circle to give Andrik the upper hand in disposing them. Finally, after a lot of hard work and many wounds, the group finally defeated the last of the Kalturith and the Breath slowly disappeared back into the earth. All that remained of the mythical predators was a skull of a cushani resting on the ground.

XP per Player: 821 & 670
Treasure Found: 1,900 gp & 4 sapphires (100gp each)



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