Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Prison

Aqueduct Madness Network

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison

The group pulled back to the waterfall of the ravine to plan their strategy. It was decided that, since there was no immediate way out of Vorgard, the prison was their only direction to take. Still Waters meanwhile, volunteered to scout out the prison to try and find a way inside without using the front door.

As the martial artist crept low along the river, she came up along side of the black prison. Using the darkness for cover she began to inspect a run off from the river that led right up to the wall of the prison. Still unseen, Still Waters found a barred entrance into the wall that the water flowed into. With a display of strength she managed to loosen one of the bars but didn’t pull it completely off, deciding to leave it be in case a patrol happen by. Satisfied that she had found a way inside, the martial artist made her way back to the group’s encampment.

When she returned, she found the group still arguing about the best way to get inside the prison. They seemed to be on a verge of deciding to use a deceptive act of slavers when she spoke up about the side water entrance she had found. The group seemed dubious about the entrance but it was ultimately decided that it was the wiser course of action. The finished their rest, packed their things and headed out.

One person sneaking up to the prison provided to be a possible task. Six people sneaking up to the prison in heavy armor however, proved to be problematic. As the group arrived at the waterway entrance, several shouts came from above by two shadow elves that had spotted the group below. Crosz swore as he moved for cover. Ghesh and Still Waters quickly made their way to the bars and quickly pulled out the loose bar from earlier. The group quickly sloshed their way through the entrance and into the aqueducts of the prison.

Not waiting for anyone to follow them, they took the left fork of the tunnel roughly thirty feet beyond the entrance. The tunnel then sloped downwards which brought the group sliding down into the main aqueduct chamber of the prison. A massive network of aqueducts filled the chamber, weaving in and around themselves like a complex beehive. As the collected themselves from the ride down, they saw several shadar-kai moving to intercept them.

The fight proved to be difficult because of the aqueducts. The water made moving slow and difficult yet the ledges were narrow and slippery enough to make balancing difficult. Ultimately the group prevailed in the end and was able to defeat the shadar-kai guards. They then made the long trek across the aqueduct network into the maze of tunnels ahead.

XP per Player: 677



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