Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Portal

You can't escape the darkness

34 Spring, 2975
Plains of Charloc

The vampire turned his head to each side, the sounds of his neck popping broke the silence of the two groups. Crosz gave a snarl as he took a step forward, “They are yours no longer.”

“So be it,” the vampire motioned with his fingers and the vampire spawn spurred into action. They were not, however, faster than Still Waters. Her martial arts training gave her lightning fast reflexes, and she was already bounding ahead before the spawn could even close the distance. The rest of the group moved forward with Ghesh in the lead upon his horse. The spawn finally closed the distance, engaging the heroes as the warden moved in and with his command over shadows thanks to his cloak, sent a wave of necrotic energy at Ghesh and Darrin. When he saw that Darrin had managed to avoid his wave, he sent a bolt of energy at the cleric which held him tightly in place.

Borett’s minions quickly fell to the onslaught of the heroes but as the last one fell, the vampire willed his shadow cloak to spawn more creatures from its reservoir of souls. As quickly as the minions would appear though, the heroes would take them down which soon became a burden for the warden to keep his shock troops up and around him. With this in mind, he switched tactics, decided to focusing on taking down one or two of the heroes first. His undead body provided to be tough as steel as the heroes had a tough time inflicting lasting damage upon the vampire. But even steel can be worn down. Finally, after Still Waters finally succumb to her wounds and fell, Crosz stepped up to met the warden face to face and with a perfect blow from his maul, caved in the head of Borett the warden.

With the battle finally ended, their escape from Charloc Prison was finally complete. They made their way up the cliff side to the ravine that contained the portal. In desperate need of rest and with no way to open the portal, the group headed off the path to rest. As they discussed ways of getting back to Falamar, Neisis made mention of following slavers through the portal since they had apparently had better means of moving between the two planes. All agreed, the group quickly fell fast asleep.

35 Spring, 2975
Plains of Charloc

Bright and early in the night morning the group awoke to the sounds of moving wagons. They gathered their things and quickly went to the ravine were they found several wagons headed toward the portal. The wagons were being led by a group of bald humans with tattoo covered scalps. Moving around to flank the caravan, Elikko called out a challenge to the caravan which the rest of the group groaned inwardly. One of the humans from the wagons called the group to a halt and made his way to the rear were the heroes came out from hiding. The bald human calmly looked over the group. “Greetings strangers. We have no quarrel with you.”

“You are traders? Where are you headed?” asked Elikko.

“My name is Sarus and yes, we are traders from Karsari. We’ve just finished our business here and we were preparing to return home.” replied the man calmly though his body posture told the heroes that he was ready should things turn hostile.

Crosz stepped forward to stand beside Elikko, “Do you have a way through the portal?”

“I do, yes. A portal key.”

“Do you perhaps have one to Sadire that you would be willing to sell?”

Sarus thought for a moment and then nodded, “I do as a matter of fact. To Masshiro. I could sell it for say…500 gold?”

“Done,” replied Crosz as he withdrew a pouch of gold.

Sarus gave a wide smile and withdrew a small, thin crystal which he handed over to Crosz as he took the pouch. “Excellent,” he said with a smile. “Good travels to you.” The bald man returned back to his wagon which then made it’s way through the portal.

The group huddled together to look at the portal key. It was time to return home and let the end game begin.

XP per Player:1,063
*Treasure Found:
Barrage Bracers



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