Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Petrified

A lesson in pain

41 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Demonfall

With the hydra defeated, the group took a quick rest to recover their strength and then pressed onward down the trail, and closer to the entrance to the demonfall. The winding path eventually opened up to a area with a steaming river running through the center. Two bridges of stone provided passaged across the river. At the other end of the river were several creatures standing perfectly still. As they drew closer to the bridges, they animated to life. Two golems and three gorgons.

The group set up a defensive stance on their side of the river, letting the gorgons move across the bridges. As the large metal beasts crossed, they let loose a poisonous and petrifying breath. Still Waters and Andrik were caught in the blast but their resolve helped them overcome the petrifying effects. With the initial attack over, the group counterattacked, inflicting massive damage upon the gorgons in short order. As the golems finally managed to cross the bridges, two of the three gorgons were already dead and the third was well on its way. The golems seemed unphased by the events due to their limited intelligence. They simply waded directly into the group of heroes with their rampaging fists. Though they hit hard, the group was able to over come the creatures.

With the guardians defeated, the group took another quick rest before pressing on to the portal room and the entrance to the demonfall.

XP per Player: 917
Treasure Found: None



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