Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Missing

The goal is on the move

32 Spring, 2979
After the fight with the Kalturith, Siliik came out of hiding with a worried look on his face but the group calmed him down enough so everyone could settle for the remainder of the evening. The rest of the night passed by uneventfully. Upon the morning, the gorup gathered their belongings and headed out after the tracks in hopes of finding Alegra Hawk.

33 Spring, 2979
Two hours into the tracking, the group finally came upon the end of their search. They spotted several flashing lights of multiple colors up in the canopy of the forest. Unable to see what was causing the lights, Elikko summoned his lightning hornet to fly up and scout. After a few minutes, the lightning hornet came screeching back, wounded by magic. Following the hornet’s descent, a piercing female scream of distress echoed throughout the forest, seemingly coming from the treetops.

The group moved quickly to investigate and they found a narrow, spiral staircase carved out of the trunk of a large tree that led up to the canopy. Unable to bring his mounted companion, Ghesh Emeris dismissed his horse to the Fields of Evergreen before preparing the for the journey up. In a single file line the group made their way up top with Ghesh in the lead. After traveling up roughly 70 feet, the group finally reached the platform where they found a line of shadow elf archers with their arrows at the ready. Still Waters was the first to act, using her incredible leaping abilities to clear twenty feet of open ground from the staircase straight to the platform with the archers. She initiated combat while the others made their way to the rope bridge leading from their platform to the combat.

Now that the encampment in the trees was in full view, they saw a portal on a platform roughly a hundred feet away that was displaying flashing of different colors. Going into the portal was a group of shadow elves dragging a tiefling woman who stuggled to get free.

As the others races to join the fight, a shadowpriest and shadowmage made their way into the area along with a shadow elf warrior. Drawing his ancestral thinblade, the warrior dashed into combat with blazing speed. In an effort to control the combat area, Andrik Stonehammer initiated his Circle of Power at the edge of the platform and proceeded to use the power of his circle to knock around the shadow elf archers, knocking several of them off the edge to the forest ground below.

As the archers fell screaming to their deaths, the group engaged the remaining warrior, priest and mage. The battle proved to be too much for the shadow elves who now found themselves quickly outnumbered. The warrior and mage fell to the attacks of the heroes while Montblanc Crosz knocked the priest unconcious.

With no immediate threats, Ghesh and Still Waters went about checking for any stragglers or reinforcements while Crosz went about interrogating the priest. The shadow elf explained that she knew very little, only that the tiefling was being taken to the portal which led to Vorgard. When pressed on how to open the portal, she confessed that she didn’t know how, only the mages knew the secret to unlocking it.

Elikko meanwhile, spent his time studying the portal and after a time, convinced himself that he could open it with enough time. Just then, a horn sounded off in the distance. Alert and moving, Crosz dragged the priest over to the portal and he called out to Ghesh and Still Waters to regroup.

As the group gathered at the portal, they could see several figures moving about the trees. They were moving towards them and they were not happy.

XP per Player: 573
Treasure Found: 1,100 gp, Circle of Mental Onslaught



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