Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: La'ree

Forgotten Shadows

37 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

With Ralma finally defeated, the group took a much needed rest. They dared not venture back into the heart of the Keep due to the vast amount of demons that still roamed the halls. They instead, displayed the dead and broken body of Ralma upon the balcony of Hawk Keep. The demons and tieflings fighting in the courtyard paused in their fighting to view the fallen Ralma. The loyalists of Masshiro gave a triumphant cheer and surged forward, renewing the fight with the demons. Darrin stumbled back to the throne room and plopped down to the ground, “I hope someone gets up here and rescues us now.” he muttered.

Several hours later, the group recovered from their rest and greeted Vilmuth and Alegra. They recounted their fight through Hawk Keep and the final confrontation with Ralma. Vilmuth and Alegra then recounted their assault on the remaining demons. They were on edge until Ralma’s body was displayed to the courtyard which caused the demons to become disorganized which allowed Alegra to gain the upper hand. With the demons clears out, they moved into the keep and cleaned up the remaining demons though they were unable to access the dungeon due to the door being barred. When asked about Velero Hawk, the group shook their heads, stating that he wasn’t with Ralma. The only other place he could be was in the dungeon.

With renewed effort, the group made their way down to the dungeon and awaited the way to be cleared. Once that was done, the group promised to recover Velero Hawk, dead or alive before entering. They traveled down several flights of stairs until the reached the guard entry room of the dungeon. The room was covered in tiefling and demon bodies. Only one door lead out which they quickly moved to and opened. Beyond the door was a large armory where they found multiple demons, including the seneschal of Masshiro. Dove, like Ralma, had been half converted into a demon due to their allegience.

The two sides clashed together, with Dove using her new found demon powers to spawn pods of her own body, an army of little creatures under her command. The other demon soldiers were handled easily though Dove proved to be a challenge due to the constant spawning of creatures and their habit of exploding into poisonous goo. However, with the demon soldiers finally defeated, Dove was unable to resist the onslaught of attacks and finally succumbed to her injuries and died weeping.

A quick check of the room revealed an enervating maul that Crosz found to his liking. With little else in the room, they pressed on. Upon the opening another door within the dungeon, they found an altar room with a grand alter to the Autumn Wyrm in the corner. Beside the altar was a large stone slab which held the body of a badly beaten Velero Hawk. Within the room were several more corrupted tieflings though their bodies were wreathed in whisps of shadow. By the altar stood a massive troll holding a greatsword in one hand. It’s skin was a dark grey green as opposed to the normal sickly green and it too was covered in whisps of shadow.

As Elikko looked up the troll, he quickly sucked in a breath of air, “No…” he stammered wide eyed. “A La’ree…”

“Not possible, they’re all dead.” retored Ghesh.

“Nothing is impossible.” came a growl from the lumbering form of the la’ree troll as it drew a giant sword from a sheath. It gave a roar and charged the group. The two tieflings glided around to the far side of the fighting, hurling handfuls of shadow that hampered and restrained the group. The sunriders followed Andrik’s lead by moving into his circle of power. The la’ree, unconcerned by the circle, moved to bash and slice his way through the heroes. It didn’t go as well as he hoped. With Ghesh at the forefront of the la’ree attacks, the rest of the group used quick fade strikes that slowly started to wear down the troll. Though annoyed by the tieflings, the heroes kept their focus on the troll until finally it fell to the wounds. With their leader down, the tieflings had little hope of holding off the sunriders.

With the room clear, the group quickly rushed over to Velero Hawk. They all looked to Darren as he examined the warlord. After a tense moment he let out a heavy breath, “He lives.”

XP per Player:2,533
Treasure Found: Enervating Maul +3, Keoghton’s Ointment, emerald (500gp), Ruby x2 (1,000gp), Wraps of the Divine Winds +3



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