Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Escape

Fight or Flight in the face of the night

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Maximum Security

“Stay back here.” Crosz told the group of prisoners as they collected weapons from the fallen guards, “It will be safer for you.” The prisoners were reluctant at his words but mostly nodded in agreement to his announcement.

“So…” the judge turned to look at the shadow elf guard, “Alegra is in maximum security at the bottom. Who will be guarding her?”

The shadowelf looked up at the tiefling with an annoyed look but answered with a slight shiver, “Probably the warden, Borett.”

“What can you tell us about him.”

“That thing is pure evil. A vampire that use to be a shadow elf but we don’t consider him kin any longer. He likes to interrogate new prisoners…he is probably with the tiefling right now and enjoying every minute of it.”

Crosz gave a slight frown but said nothing. He turned and walked away to join the rest of his companions in the main guard tower. “Looks like we are in for a rough time.” he commented as he looked over the railing to the lower prison block. “Thoughts?”

Neisis, holding onto Elikko’s arm spoke quietly as she turned her head off center from the group, “It is fight or flight. Either path will lead to a dark place before the light is found.”

The group was silent for a moment at the eladrin’s words until Ghesh finally spoke, “No sense in dwelling on it. If we can get Alegra out without fighting the warden, all the better. We should be ready for one hell of a run once we do get her out though.”

Crosz gave a nod, “Let’s get going.” and the group moved out from the guard tower, heading down to the the next prison block. As they approached, they prepared themselves for another fight with the guards but when they opened the door, they found the tower and the block empty. Moving on from the tower, they headed down the ramp to the prison blockwith Alegra. They heard nothing when they listened at the door and quietly opened the door. Within was an empty guard tower which led into the prison block. At the center of the block was a cage which held a female tiefling collapsed on the floor.

As the group crept into the block, they heard a noise from the second level of the block which sounded like a creature was feeding to quench a ravenous hunger. They could see a cell door open but they couldn’t see inside. As quietly as they could they moved over to the cage and starting working on getting the tiefling free of the cage. With no knowledge of how to pick locks, the group resorted to simply bending the bars of the cage. With several of the group working together, the bars were seperated enough for Still Waters to slip through.

“She’s alive, barely.” she comments before picking the tiefling up by the arms. The woman’s body was covered in cuts and bruises and one of her horns has been sliced off near the base. Her tail was limb and nonresponsive. Once they were through the bars, the group made their way to the guard tower and opened the door to leave when they heard a monsterous scream of rage behind them. They all looked back at the prison block with wide eyes. “Run.” Crosz yelled and the group bolted from the tower and up the ramp. As the last one out, Ghesh quickly shut the prison door behind him. The sounds of heavy fists on metal echoes throughout the prison as they ascended back up to the original prison block, shutting doors along the way in desperate hope that it would slow the creature down that was chasing them.

Once they returned to the original prison block, they headed back into the water tunnels they they had arrived in and began navigating there way back to the aquaducts. They moved as quickly as possible as the screams of a mad monster followed them through the tunnels but never in sight. After several minutes of running through tunnels and ducts, they finally emerged out of the prison through the grate that was fed by the mucky stream on the side of the building. Everyone hurried out and picked back up their running pace and sprinted from the building to get outside of the range of the prison archers.

Just as it seemed that they were finally in the clear, a stream of black energy arched out from the prison, through the air and landed in front of them, bringing their running to a halt. As the energy came to the ground, it transformed into the form of a pale and gaunt shadow elf. His eyes were red with malice and he was dressed in blood splattered leathers. His cloak seemed to be made of pure shadow and he began walking towards the group, several clouds of shadow detached from the cloack. As they touched the group, a creature materialized into a gaunt and pale shadow elf and the fangs of a vampire.

“I believe you have something that belongs to me.” Borett said with blood stained lips.

XP per Player: 633
Treasure: None



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