Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Epilogue

The passing of a legend

The Demonfall, Temple Island
With the La’ree Tor dead, the group left the temple island and headed back to the exit portal. As they raced through the yuan-ti island, bolts of lightning struck the ground next to them. As they looked behind them, they saw a legion of demons quickly descending upon them. They howled in anger and madness. Thousands of demons. The heroes looked to one another. “No good deed goes unpunished,” grumbled Ghesh.

“Move!” yelled Still Waters, and the group raced for the portal home. More bolts of lightning struck the ground nearby and one was so close that it knocked Elikko to the ground. Ghesh, pulling up the rear, leaned over in his saddle and scooped the summoner up onto his horse. When they finally reached the portal, they found a score of fallen demon bodies. Standing in the portal was a heavily wounded and tired Velero Hawk. The tiefling was breathing heavily as he motioned the Sunriders through the portal, “Hurry!” he yelled to them.

The tiefling then looked to the skies behind the heroes. He gave a growl as he say the demons rapidly approaching. He looked back at the Sunriders and saw a tired, wounded group of heroes that could never stand up to the demon legion. The venerable tiefling then closed his eyes, gave a silent prayer to the Summer Wyrm and the Sun and stepped through the portal. The portal closed, leaving the heroes safe from the demon onslaught. The old Warlord then drew his sword and prepared for combat.

Masshiro, Sadire
“They have pulled back my Lady,” Vilmuth said as he took of his bloodied helmet. A fresh cut along his neck was still bleeding but it seemed to not bother him.

Alegra Hawk survived the battlefield from horseback. Dressed in the armor of ruling warlord, the tiefling held a stoic expression. “It would seem that way. They did this yesterday too and they still came back for more.”

Vilmuth gave a nod, “True my Lady but this time, I could see the fear in them…like they had lost the will to fight.”

Alegra gave a slow nod and finally looked to the tiefling commander, “I pray you are right Vilmuth…we are pres…” she began to say when a runner came up the hill on horseback and gave a firm salute, “Warlord. Several Sunriders have approached the camp. They are asking for you.”

Hope swelled up in Alegra. She gave a nod to the runner. “See that they are brought to me immediately,” she ordered as she dismounted and removed her helmet. As the Sunriders walked up the hill, the warlord gave a smile to them, “What news? Did you find Tor?” she asked.

The group held a somber expression as they greeted the tiefling. “We have my Lady and the creature lives no more,” stated Crosz quietly.

Alegra glanced back to Vilmuth, “I think this battle is over commander.” she said with relief before looking back to the heroes. She said nothing for a moment as she looked them over. She then looked worried, “Where is my father?”

Crosz lowered his head, “He stayed behind my Lady, to give us a chance to escape. After Tor was killed, a whole legion of demons came after us as we tried to escape. He held the portal open long enough to get us through.”

Alegra was quiet for several moments before nodding slowly. “Very well,” she said quietly. She then regained her composure. “You have succeeded against all odds and Masshiro…no, Sadire is in your debt. Thank you…all of you.” The tiefling then gave a parting nod and left he heroes on the hill as she returned to her tent. She slowly closed the tent flaps and made sure no one was around. The new Warlord of Sadire then collapsed on her cot and cried.



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