Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Endings

Final Confrontation to save Sadire

42 Spring, 2979
Demonfall, Temple of the Winter Wyrm

Stepping through the yuan-ti portal, the group found themselves standing in front of a massive temple. The design upon the columns and walls depicted dragons. Based on the imagery, Darrin concluded that this must be a temple to the Winter Wyrm. The group looked at one another. Was this the right place to be?

The sky overhead grew heavy with clouds and lightning began to jump between them. In the distance, the Sunriders could hear the booming sound of thunder. Quickly, they began to examine the building closer for the entrance. A set of bronze double doors that stood 20 feet tall and held an engraving of a massive dragon. The doors to the temple were already open and a flickering of light could be seen inside. Cautiously, the group approached the doors and stepped inside.

Inside, the group found that the room occupied the majority of the building. The large room was made mostly of black marble with veins of blue. Multiple columns of dragon designed supported the massive stepped roof above them. The smell of incense was strong and mixed with what smelled like fresh blood. The sounds of chanting echoes throughout the room.

At the center of the room stood a large statue of a dragon standing nearly 40 feet in height. At the base of the statue to the Winter Wyrm stood six figures. Five of them were dressed in robes of black and deep blue with cowls drawn. The only hint of their race could be determined by their exposed dark gray hands. The sixth figure stood among them before the status dressed in regal robes of grey, gold and silver. The robes of a member of the Lothanewi Grey Council. The shadow elf turned back around to view the intruders upon his temple. He ran his fingers through his snow white hair before taking several steps towards the heroes.

“Sunriders? Here? How unusual. I am Desmo, how can I help you?” he spoke in a quizzical tone.

“We are here for Tor. Where is he?” demanded Crosz to the shadow elf.

The shadow elf gave a slight shrug, “Busy, too busy for petty Sunriders to bother him. Now go, you are defiling this temple with your mere presence.” he said with a brush of his hand. He then turned to walk back to the statues.

“I don’t think so,” growled Ghesh and kicked his mount into motion. He brought his lance down as he began to charge. The shadow elf gave a sigh, “Such insolence!” he spat as he moved into action. He called upon the power of the Winter Wyrm to give him power. The room then began to darken as wisps of black smoke began to rise from the seams of the marble tiles. The Breath had come to hunt.

The rest of the Sunriders moved to combat the shadow elf while the acolytes continues their chant. A violet light began to glow from their hands as their chants became faster and more pronounced. Desmo began using his power to pull and slide sections of the Breath across the heroes path to slow them down. As they pushed through, he began to teleport, using the Breath to assist his shadow walk. After several moments of combat, the chanting reached its height and the shadow elf turned his fury upon his acolytes. Howling beams of energy tore through the shadow elf minions until none were left standing. With a howling laugh, Desmo collected the souls of his brothers and offered them to the Winter Wyrm statue.

A rumbling sound the echoed throughout the temple before the statue of the Winter Wyrm exploded in a black and violet shockwave. Where the statue once stood, a figure remained. Dressed in ancient Cerian armor of gold and wielding a xiphos and spear, the figure slowly surveyed the temple. Its pasty white skin showed the black veins of the La’ree perfectly and its red eyes were heavy with malice. It then laughed, “Fools, there is no hope for your Sadire. The ancients shall rise once more.”

The fight was on once more. The La’ree Tor proved to be a capable fighter, using an ancient Cerian style that the Helvedian people prefer so much. His spear constantly whipped out at the heroes, knocking them to the group, stunning them with shaft shots to the head, and dazing them with pointed strikes to their nerves. The heroes however, stood strong and concentrated their attacks on Desmo instead, leaving Ghesh and Andrik to hold off Tor.

In an attempt to flee, Desmo teleported constantly throughout the room as he was chased by Elikko’s angel of war until he teleported right next to Andrik and Ghesh who staggered him. Tor was also nearby, and with a single thrust of his spear, gutted the shadow elf. He then pulled Desmo down the shaft and growled at him, “You have failed me for the last time.” The La’ree then placed his hand upon the head of the shadow elf, and with a yank, pulled the soul of Desmo right from his body.

Tor roared with laughter as Desmo’s soul shuddered as if cold. He then passively tossed the soul to the side which passed right through Still Waters. Surprised by the action Still Waters was caught off guard when Tor followed up with a solid thrust of his xiphos, nearly gutting the martial artist. The heroes then focused their full fury upon the La’ree in a desperate attempt to fell the monster.

After several tense moments, the group finally got the upper hand of Tor and dealt several devastating blows. The La’ree finally dropped his xiphos and dropped to his knees. He looked to the group with hatred, “My masters will return…it is only a matter of time.” He then toppled over and died.



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