Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Discovery

Assault on Hawk Keep II

36 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

With the tieflings defeated, the group took a breather in the library as they searched over the bodies for clues. Finding nothing of note, the group moved up to the door leading into the grand hall. Listening at the door they could hear voices talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Ghesh took the lead and throw open the door to catch several more tiefling in the midst of arming themselves.

The group poured into the room in a cool, calm and experienced fashion while the tieflings scrambled to gain the offensive. Like the other room, these tieflings worked and moved in ways unusual to that of normal tieflings. The leader, another female tielfing, split her tail into multiple strands and began whipping them about at the group, trying to grapple multiple people at the same time. Knowing what to expect, the sunriders were able to counterattack the tiefling creatures with ease. What took them by surprise was when two of tiefling began to scream, their jaws unhinging into a disturbingly large size. Foul breath accompanied the ear piercing scream which staggered several of the heroes.

Ultimately, the group recovered from the new surprise the odd tieflings presented and defeated the group. Elikko studied the tieflings once the fighting was done and deduced that the female tiefling with the split tail shared several similarities with an Immolith, a demon with a a rather cruel demeanor. While he studied, Ghesh uncovered a suit of destiny plate armor that had been stored. Not wanting to let the valuable and rare armor stay in enemy hands, he quickly suited up in the new armor while the group took another breather.

When everyone was ready, they studied their map to determine their next course of action. instead of heading to the next room, they decided to take the stairs upward in hopes of reaching Commander Ralma more quickly. Upon reaching the second floor, the group took another group of tieflings by surprise. They were able to quickly dispatch the odd tieflings quick enough and looked to their map once more to determine their next move.

XP per Player: 1250
Treasure Found: Destiny Plate Armor +3



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