Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Demonfall

Into the Maw of Fire

37 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

“Warlord Hawk will be out of it for a few days but I think he’s going to pull through ok.” said Darrin as he returned to the group sitting at a table eating. The rest of the group gave slow nods as they ate their food. It had been several hours since their return from the dungeons of Hawk Keep and like most adventurers, fighting makes them hungry.

“So what do we do now?” asked Stillwaters as she leaned back in her chair.

“We need to report to the Sunriders about what’s happened here but I’d like to make sure Velero pulls through first.” replied Crosz before looking at Darrin, “Do you know when he will be well enough to talk?”

Darrin gave a light shrug, “Two or three days I would say.”

“Alright then. Looks like we have a couple of days off to enjoy.”

40 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Lake Yoshiro on board the Deliverance

“A La’ree was holding Velero Hawk captive.” said Crosz to Arcamedus as he finished recounting the battles to retake Hawk Keep.

The old tiefling raised a brow at the statement, “I had thought they were all wiped out at the end of the Crusader War. This is…troubling to say the least.”

“Suffice to say that there is something big going on in Sadire and it involves the La’ree and the demons.” replied Crosz, “Hawk is convinced that whoever is behind this has a way to break the seal of Demonfall using his blood and will unleash their legion of demons upon Sadire if they aren’t stopped.”

Ghesh added, “Alegra is taking what’s left of Masshiro’s army to hold the line while someone slips into Demonfall and cuts the head off the snake.”

Arcamedus gave a slow nod of his head, “Then it looks like there is one thing left to do. I’m dispatching you all to Demonfall to assist Warlord Hawk in stopping the demon legion and destroying whatever creature is behind this plot once and for all.”

41 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Demonfall

“It’s doesn’t look all that bad.” commented Elikko as they approached the ravine that led down to Demonfall. The group approached a small declining path that led down to the semi-secret side entrance to the Demonfall. The group headed down first with Velero Hawk pulling up the rear.

“So um, how are we going to get out of Demonfall when this is all said and done?” asked Darrin as they walked down the long path.

Velero Hawk spoke up as he walked, using his polearm to help him walk, “I will hold the portal open for you while you assault the Demonfall.”

Stillwaters arched a brow, “It may take some time to find our enemy and dispatch them.”

The venerable tiefling simply nodded, “I still have a bit of fight left in these old bones. After two days however, things could be iffy. It depends on how much resistance comes to close the portal.”

“Shouldn’t take that long.” said Ghesh as they finally reached the end of the path at the bottom of the ravine. A large cave was off to the left and a passage snaked off to their right. As the rest of the group came down the path, a large roar immediately caught their attention from the cave. A draconic looking head emerged from the shadows of the cave, followed by a second…and then a third until five heads were in full view.

“Hydra!” called out Elikko as he summoned his esper to battle. Ghesh, already upon his charger, lowered his lance and charged the creature. The fight did not take long. The lull between fights allowed the Sunriders to completely rest their bodies and minds. The days of rest shows in their quick and brutal slaughter of the hydra.

With the creature dead, the group cleaned off their weapons and turned to head down the winding path towards the Demonfall.

XP per Player:1583
Treasure Found:None



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