Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Corrupted

Final Confrontation with Ralma

36 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

Tired, the group of Sunriders took a brief rest to catch their breath from the last fight. They discussed their next move in finding Ralma in the Keep. Crosz pointed out that, most likely, the Keep was filled with demon corrupted tieflings, and that if they kept up their pace, they would have little energy left to face Ralma. The rest of the group agreed and decided to slipped through to the next floor unseen and check out the strategy room.

With Still Waters in the lead, the group quietly made their way down the hallway, pausing briefly for a group of guards to pass by before pressing into the strategy room. As they opened the door, they found several more tieflings within as well as a floating crystal wreathed in flame. Immediately sensing hostile intensions, the crystal launched a bolt of flame that exploded upon contact with Ghesh who stood in the doorway. Singed but otherwise ok, Ghesh pressed into the room along with Crosz, Andrik and Still Waters. They pressed hard and fast against the tiefling guardians, dropping them quickly as the fire crystal continued to launch bolts of flame at them. Once they made it past the guards, they advanced on the crystal and shattered it with several well places strikes.

Upon shattering, an explosion of dark energy sent a shockwave throughout they keep. The tiefling guards they had just fought a few moments ago changed, their disguise fading away to reveal demons in their nature state. Surprised, the group looked to one another. They decided to quicken their search for Ralma in hopes of putting an end to the demon infestation that had come about Masshiro.

The group decided on the stateroom as the most likely place to find Ralma and so they snuck their way up to the top floor state room. They then threw open the doors to reveal the throne room of the Warlord. Standing at the balcony overlooking the courtyard was Commander Ralma, dressed in full armor. His body had been deformed, a twisted pairing of tiefling and demon features. He turned to look back at the group as they entered, “I knew the Sunriders would arrive at some point.” he said quickly, turning back to look at the courtyard, “But you are too late. Your army is about to be routed, war is on the horizon and Alegra is gone. Alegion of demons is upon Masshiro’s doorstep. You have lost.”

“Alegra is safe and here Ralma. It ends. Here and now.” Crosz answered defiantly.

“One way of the other.” the tiefling demon turned to face the group as he drew his full blade. He then, with his free hand, grabbed the stone throne, tore is loose from the marble floor and tossed it like a pebble at the group. The Sunriders dived out of the way of the stone throne as it shattered into a million pieces. Ralma then rushed the group, his sword held in a high guard as the heroes raced to meet him.

The battle was a heavy slugfest as Ralma held up to his status as a warrior. He met the sunriders blow for blow, using his enhanced strength and toughness to wear down the heroes. Even with his demonic powers, Ralma began to tire as the sunriders surrounded him with their superior numbers until finally, he fell to one knee. Blood poured from all over his body and he gasped for breath as the sunriders held him at sword point.

“Not like this…I only…I only wanted to…” he stammered between breaths before collapsing to the ground, ” us.” Ralma exhaled his last breath and moved no more.

XP per Player:1,350
Treasure Found:2,200gp, Solar Flail +3, sapphire (1,000gp), platinum necklace (1,000gp)



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