Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Assault

Assault on Hawk Keep I

35 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Market Wheel

With their portal key, the group made their way through the portal and exited in a warehouse. The large room contained a variety of boxes and crates stacked to various heights and stamped with different symbols of merchants. Torches provided some degree of light in the room. As they gathering their barrings, they heard footfall coming up towards them. As they braced for the worse, they saw a group of tiefling guards round the corner and saw a surprised look appear on their faces. “What are you doing here? Identify yourselves.” barked the head guard.

“We are rescuers of Alegra Hawk now stand aside,” replied Crosz in a harsh, commanding tone. Ghesh moved to stand between Alegra and the guards with a less than subtle gesture of protection. The guards looked unsure of what to do until Alegra put a hand on Ghesh’s shoulder and stepped out from behind him, “Gentlemen, you have nothing to fear from these heroes. They have saved my life and returned me home. The least you can do is lower your weapons.”

The guards looked shocked as Alegra came into view and spoke. They lowered the weapons and relaxed their bodies, thankfully they were not going to have to fight very obviously seasoned warriors. “Lady Hawk, what is it that you would have us do? We are under orders to arrest you should you arrive back in the city?”

“Arrest? Why?” asked Elikko in surprise.

The tiefling guard shook his head, “I do not know. We are only soldiers and not privy to those sort of details.”

“Is there anyone loyal to Alegra in the city that we can get to?” asked Crosz.

The tiefling thought for a moment and then replied, “Captain Vilmuth. He’s just outside the city with the local troops. He would be best. All the soldiers in the city are new and loyal to Ralma.”

“New?” asked Alegra.

“Aye. Strange tiefling folk with odd dark skin coloration along the tail and arms. They all say they’re from Hilma but I got a cousin from there and he doesn’t remember seeing any tieflings with those kind of marks before.”

The group collectively grew concerned over the new information but had little to go off of. So they worked out a plan to sneak through the sewers. The trip was quick and uneventful as they arrived at the tent camp of conscripts and soldiers. The group made their way through town with Crosz in the lead, walking like he owned the place and the group was left alone all the way to Vilmuth’s tent.

Pushing the flap to the side, Alegra made her way inside the tent without so much as a knock. The rest of the group gave a grin and followed suit. Within the large tend they found a large and stocky tiefling eating some food at a table covered in maps. As they entered, he quickly rose to his feet, “What is the meaning of this?” he demanded before tilting his head in surprise as Alegra removed the cowl from her head, “Alegra?”

“Morning captain. I trust there will be no hostilities between us?” she asked coolly.

Vilmuth eyes the Sunriders with a suspicious eye but then shook his head and sat at the table, “No, of course not my Lady. How can I be of service?”

The group took a seat at the table and retold the events of their mission into Vorgard and the rescue of Alegra. Vilmuth showed his approval on his face as he listened and then recounted the events of what had been transpiring in Masshiro since Alegra’s kidnapping. He explained that Ralma quickly began to mobilize for war after Velero’s death and Alegra’s kidnapping. He pushed those soldiers and conscripts loyal to the Hawks outside the city into this tent encampment while more and more tieflings filed in from abroad loyal to Ralma. He expects to be given orders to march within the next couple of days so if something is going to be done, it needs to happen quickly.

The group spent the next several hours planning out their next move. First, they would set up the appearance that the army was still in the encampment by setting up scarecrows in training armor. Next, they would sneak the army through the sewers into the city and up to Hawk Keep. Alegra explained that there was a secret passage from the sewers into the keep that they could use to gain access to the keep proper. Once inside, the Sunriders would take control of the ground floor so the army could move up and then assault the keep courtyard while the sunriders assaulted the keep itself in search of Ralma. With their plan set, the group let the soldiers do the bulk of the work while they made a quick boat trip out to Lake Yoshiro to report their progress to Arcamedus Edelos.

Arcamedus greeted the group warmly and listened to their tale of rescuing Alegra. For their bravery, he awarded each of them the Sash of the Sunrider and ordered them to help Alegra retaken Masshiro and overthrow Ralma. In addition, he asked the group to look into the tieflings with the off coloration to figure out their origin. Before leaving back to Masshiro, the group left Neisis in the old tieflings care so she would not be put in any additional danger with their upcoming assault. They then reboarded their ship and sailed back to Masshiro.

36 Spring, 2979
Masshiro, Hawk Keep

With orders from Alegra to arrest Ralma, the sunriders led their army of 2,000 soldiers and conscripts into the sewers of Masshiro and underneath Hawk Keep. Using the secret doorway, they travels up a spiral staircase to a hatch. Ghesh was in the lead as they broke through the hatch and into a library where several tieflings were startled and caught off guard. The group surged into the room and took advantage of the surprise to gain the upper hand in the fight and never let go. The tieflings however, fought with zeal and cruelty unseen to the group before. One in particular, somehow managed to split their tail into four and used it to grapple Still Waters though failed miserably. Disturbed, the group quickly put an end to the fight in less than a minute but could help shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

XP per Player: 1,233
Treasure Found: Sash of the Sunrider



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