Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles II: Ascent

Beware of dragons

34 Spring, 2979
Charloc Prison, Aqueducts
With the aqueducts thankfully behind them, the group quickly made there way through another series of waterways until they finally reached the bridgeway from the water source into the main prison. The stone bridgeway that came into view as they ascended the stairway was in poor repair with several wooden and rope bridges connecting sections that had crumbled away. At their end of the bridgeway were two status, each of a demon which Elikko identified as a Marilith and a Balor.

Slightly unnerved yet curious as to the origin of the status, the group gave them a wide berth as they began to cross the stone bridgeway. Before they were able to cross, they spotted movement up ahead of them. As they brought their lantern to bear, they spotted several shadar-kai and shadow elves at the other side as well as a large panther-like creature. Now mutually aware, the two groups closed in on one another with careful strides for the drop off the bridgeway was a far one.

The fight was similar to the previous fights the group had encounter involving the two races, fast and brutal. As the guards began to fall, a shadow elf warrior fell back and withdrew a pendant from beneath his shirt. He whispered some words before tearing the pendant from his neck and striking it to the ground. He died as he charged back into the fight.

With the fighting over, the group was able to take a short rest and inspect the pendant the warrior smashed to the ground. It was far too broken to discern what it had been, but Elikko hazarded a guess that it may have been a symbol of a dragon. As he stated such, a wall shaking roar brought the group to their feet. From beneath them, two black clawed hands appeared and gripped the edge of the bridgeway. Pulling itself up was a large dragon of black. Elikko was quick to point out however that this was not one of the chromatic black dragons of legend but one of the fearsome breath dragons. A dragon that had been corrupted and transformed by the Breath into a more deadly creature.

Aware that they were in a serious situation, the group tried to mount an offensive strategy to deal with the dragon quickly. The dragon was quick however and as the group closed in, the frightening presence of the dragon stopped most of the group in their tracks. With most of them frozen with fear, it opened its huge maw and breathed a necrotic blast which sapped the strength of the group caught in it.

The group recovered however and worked together to keep each other up and moving around. They used the ledge to their advantage, continually keep the dragon at the edge or hovering just above it. Unable to land, the dragon had a difficult time getting to the backside of the group where the ranged support of the group hammered the dragon. Still Waters proved to be the most effective, her martial arts hampering the dragons actions through the whole combat until finally she was able to knock the dragon out of the sky, sending it spiraling down to the depths below. Thankful that the dragon had been dealt with, the group quickly crossed the rest of the bridgeway and to the stairs leading up into the prison.

At the base of the pit, the dragon whimpered as it came to. Pain racked across its entire body as it struggled to get to its feet. A quick look over found its left wing to be broken as well as several ribs. Blood oozed from multiple wounds inflicted by the adventurers. The dragon looked up to the bridgeway more than a hundred feet up in hatred before slowly moving back to its lair.

XP per Player: 952
Treasure Found: 400gp, Crown of Equilibrium


Deceiver Chronicles II, starring Elikko.

Deceiver Chronicles II: Ascent

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