Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Depth

Long live the Queen?

After a brief rest, the group made their way through the hole in wall caused by the partially collapsed section of the manor. Within the room they found bits and pieces of humanoid remains, rags and broken wood. At the far side of the room was a hole in the ground, most likely caused by the same destruction that left the hole in the wall. After a quick look through to the lower floor, the group saw several zombies milling about in what appeared to be the kitchen. Hedge leaned back from the hole and motioned to Jarret, “Think you could shine a little sun down there?”

Jarret took a quick look down the hole and nodded his mask covered face. He kneeled down for a better view of the room and then held our his hand in front of him. A soft golden glow began to form about his hand before is began to discharge beams of sun light at the zombies below. The undead made no cries for help as they fell. When the last of the zombies fell to the ground a burning husk, the whole group made their way down into the kitchen.

Once they were within the kitchen, the heroes poked around the remains of the kitchen, finding nothing of interest. The first door they came across was a cold room for meat and other perishable items and within they found two bodies, one of a tiefling, the other of an elf. Upon inspecting the bodies, they concluded that the two must have killed one another by their positions and wounds inflicted. Upon examining the blade, they found the blade from the tiefling to be magical. The blade of the sword was dark, almost black in appearance and sparkled in the light as if it contained stars. Amused by the blade, Hedge took it as his own. The last bit of information they found was that the elf appeared to be covered in some kind of makeup to hide his dark skin tone. The disguised shadow elf was a surprise to the group though no further information on why he was there could be located.

The next and last door brought the group into a storage room with a set of stairs headed down into the basement. Upon reaching the basement, the group come across several more zombies and kruthiks which they dispatched quickly though it drained nearly the last of their resources. Hedge suggested that they take a break for the rest of the day and come back at night which they agreed to.

After a prolonged rest, the group gathered back up at the manor and back down into the basement. On the backwall of the basement they found a tunnel that lead off into a series of carved tunnels. Though the passage was small and narror, the group managed to make their way along to a fork in the tunnel. Choosing the left passageway, they came upon a carved our chamber that was humid and the air held an acidic quality to it. From their light they saw many pods that stood nearly five feet in height and looked like stone though upon closer investigation, appeared to be an egg of some kind. At the back of the cavern was a the largest kruthik they had ever seen. All around the kruthik were hatchlings and adults that rushed the group. The fighting was intense and contained mostly at the entryway to the cavern. Through superior tactics and teamwork, the heroes defeated the apparent queen of the kruthiks and her minions. Liftrasa stated she would stay behind to deal with the eggs and investigate a small passage leading out of the cavern while the group double backed to the other tunnel at the fork.

XP per Player: 516
Treasure located: 155 gp, 1 diamond (100gp), 2 pearls (100gp), 3 potions of healing, Dusk Blade +2, Robe of Scill +2



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