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Deceiver Chronicles: Breath

New help with an old problem

8 Spring, 2979
Having defeated the undead and kruthiks in the living room, the group decided to pull off and recover from the combat and return after several hours of rest. As they returned to the mansion, they founded a dark clad eladrin at the gate. He shifted his spear to other hand as the group approached and introduced himself as Feloryn. He had been another hire by Skeeter to help with the kruthik problem. After a round of introductions, the large group of would be adventurers entered inside the mansion.

Very little had changed inside the mansion since yesterday. The place was still covered in filth, blood, grim and dead bodies. As they entered the great hall, they were greeted by a headless zombie crawling slowly towards them, using its broken fingernails to pull itself along the floor. Disgusted by the sight, Jarrett quickly blasted the creature with his eldritch power. The creature began to sizzile and erode before their eyes and as it began to melt from the energy, a horrid mist arose from the body and pooled along the area immediate to the body. The problem then arose that the body and what was most likely the Breath, was blocking the pathway to the next set of rooms. Liftrasa tried to cross first but as she drew near the mist, it reached out and touched her leg which visibly drew some of her life force from her body. Drained, she stumbled back and refused to go any further.

The group decided to first check the back door in the living room before attempting the Breath. The door led to a conservatory which contained more of the same blood and filth but in the center of this room was a pile of bodies. The bodies shoulded signed of having been partiall eaten which Grace immediately identified as kruthik marks. The usual sight to these dead bodies was serveral of the bodies had their chest opened up from the inside as if a creature had burst forth. Liftrasa and Grace both mentioned that kruthiks were not creatures that did such things. Disturbed, the group moved out of the room and back into the hallway with the pool of Breath.

Unafraid by a little mist, Hedge, Vair, Feloryn and Grace all moved passed the mist filled area, gritting their teeth as the mist struck out at each of them. The first room they found was the master bedroom which seemed to be untouched by the destruction that had taken place. They searched through the fine clothing and items until the found a strong box behind a mirror in the wall. After Hedge strained a muscle trying to yank it out of the wall, Feloryn picked the lock using a hairpin from the table nearby. Inside the box they found a single black velvet pouch and inside they found a single brass key with a leaf outline at the base. The other item was a smooth carved white marble talisman in a crescent shape. Grace pointed out that it was symbol commonly associated with the church of the Moon but she wasn’t sure what subgroup within the church it belonged to.

With a shrug the group pocketed the items and moved onto the next room which turned out to be the study. In this normal looking study were three adult kruthiks and a pair of zombies. Hedge and Feloryn made their way into the room first while Jarrett, Vair and Grace were held back at the doorway. The fighting was swift but brutal. Feloryn got his first taste of combat with the group and found them fairly easy to work with. Once the fighting was done, they searched the study but did not find anything of value.

With the only other room blocked off by the ceiling collapse, the group made their way upstairs. Up here they found a gallery which held more of the same blood, filth and bodies. To the east was more rubble which appeared to be the same that was blocking the way to that side of the mansion. To the west were three doors. The first was an empty slave room which contained five floor to ceiling cages. Each contained a dead female. The two tieflings, two humans and an elf had all died from apparent fright by Feloryn’s estimation. As the group investigated the bodies, Liftrasa was investigating a hole in the east wall which lead to an ajoining room. She yelled out zombies to the room and the group quickly prepared for battle.

Over fifteen creatures milled about the room, most of them zombies that appeared to be unconcerned with intruders. Vair was the first to hit the breech and decided to block the doorway after spotting a handful of breath zombies. She inhaled deeply and let forth a blast of acid which washed over the room. Multiple zombies and most of a batch of hatchling kruthiks were killed instandly in the opening attack. She then braced herself for the counter attack which came almost immediately from the nearest breath zombie.

The combat became a test in resilience as the group would drop one breath zombie, recover for a few seconds and then have to battle the next one. Their endurance was slowly getting sapped as they fought zombie after zombie. After half the zombies had been killed, the group finally penetrated into the room and rushed the rest of the zombies. The one in the back of the room seemed completely preoccupied by something else and wondered through another hole in the wall that lead to another room. The group finally finished off the last of the breath zombies and crashed to the ground in exhaustion.

Xp per Player: 655
Treasure Founded: 340 gp, Shimmering Cloth +1, Amulet of Protection +2

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Deceiver Chronicles: Breath

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Deceiver Chronicles: Breath

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Deceiver Chronicles: Breath

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