Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Bloodied

The bug hunt begins

”...and here is a bag that will help you with the bodies. It won’t carry much but it’s a start,” stated the halfling as he handed over the bag of holding to the ranger. “Oh, and I want that thing back of course,” he added.

Liftrasa gave a nod and took the bag from the green eyed halfling before leaving the shop. She knew the dragonborn warrior was off taking care of her own business before joining up. It was of little concern for her though. A job was a job. Now all she had to do was get to the Vortex to meet up with the others.

“I have to leave.” announced Miro as he lowered a letter written on dried animal skin. The group had been eating lunch when a white-furred cushani entered the inn and delievered a pouch to the Circle Dancer hopeful. Hedge looked crushed at the news.

“Are you sure? We just got this job,” he complained, hoping he could convince his new friend to stick around, but Miro only nodded in defeat. “My sister is in trouble up near Lothanewi. She has asked for me to help. She is second born. I must assist.”

“Well, you better come back,” Hedge said defiantly. Miro nodded with a grin and stood. “Good luck my friends,” he said before leaving with the white-furred cushani. The group looked to one another and started to discuss what to do now that Miro was gone. During their conversation, they met with Liftrasa, a dwarven beastlord who stated she was there to help as she had been hired by Skeeter along with a dragonborn.

With the new help, the group set out into Masshiro to try and find the source of the kruthik problem. After questioning several townspeople, they got word that most of the attacks had taken place up on the north part of town. One merchant even had a dead kruthik that he showed the group. While inspecting the body, they found several pieces of red clay along the underbelly and claws. After a bit of brainstorming, they concluded that the most likely place was the northwest side of the city where the clay was most common.

The group then headed to the northwest and talked to people along the way. As they compiled the reports of what had taken place, Liftrasa was able to determine a pattern in the attacks and narrowed down the point of origin to a city block. The most likely building on that block was Risengard manor, the home of the tiefling merchant lord Forseth Risengard. A scum of a creature, Lord Risengard was known to skirt the law on occasions and was rumored to deal in drugs, arms, and slaves.

Enlightened by the information, the group arrived at the estate an hour after midday. The manor was surrounded by a wall with a locked gate. The building itself was a stone structure of gothic design complete with stone gargoyles and spires. The front door has been busted, with a huge crack along the center as if something was trying to get out. Hedge crept up to the building first and inspected the front door. The windows were completely fogged up and smeared in red and brown susbstances. It was at this point that the dragonborn arrived. She introduced herself as Vair and that she had also been hired by Skeeter to hunt kruthiks. With the group now complete, they passed the gate and entered into Risengard manor.

The vestibule was, as expected, covered in blood, grim and other disgusting fluids. Of note in this room though was the coat racks along the wall filled with various expensive coats and cloaks. It appears as if a party had taken place and uninvited guests dropped in. From the vestibule the group entered the grand hallway which connected the various downstairs rooms together. On the far side of the room was a staircase leading up to the second story. A large amount of rubble from a collapsed ceiling blocks the way to one of the rooms.

Hearing some noise to the right, the group headed there first, which led them into the dining hall. There they encounter a horde of kruthiks having dinner on the guests. A fight ensued at the doorway with Vair, Hedge and Liftrasa leading the way into the room to hold off the advance, which allowed Grace and Jarrett to pick off the kruthiks one by one. When the fighting was over, twelve dead kruthiks littered the ground.

After the dining hall, the group headed to the other side of the hall where they tried to enter the living room but were rushed by a large group of zombies and some small kruthik hatchlings. The lead zombie was shrouded in a fine layer of mist that seemed to weaken the group as it closed into melee range. Jarett proved to be valuable once more with his ability to call forth the power of the Sun, but even still, the breath zombie proved to be difficult to bring down. Then the second stepped in but the group was ready for it this time. After a drawn out fight, the group finally defeated the last of the zombies and took a rest to recover from the intense fighting.

XP per Player: 544
Treasure Found: 110 gp, Breach Bracers

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So, the merchant is “Risengard” but the manor is “Rivengard”?

Deceiver Chronicles: Bloodied

typo. It should all be Risengard

Deceiver Chronicles: Bloodied

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