Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Assassination

A new path opens

1 Spring, 2979
The first day of spring and the city of Masshiro had spent 10 days preparing for the week long Spring Celebration. In addition to the celebration, the ruler of Masshiro invited diplomats from Lothanewi to attend the celebration as well as continue talks for continued non aggression between the two. The highlight for the first day of the festival was a scheduled circle dance between Falling Leaf and Shil’vargo.

Three friends gathered at the vortex to discuss their own plans on what to do. Cethedge eagerly ate his food as his too friends arrived. The large cushani offered the two half elves a seat at the table full of eaten food. They discussed the finer points of raw verses cook meat and that all three of them where in need of work. It was decided that they should find someone in need, help them and then charge them for the work. It seemed like the most logical thing to do anyhow. Jarett and Grace agreed though they wanted to check out the circle dance first before getting their job hunting in full swing.

Just as they finished discussing, a loud crash echoed throughout the room and they saw a tiefling laying on the group having just been thrown through a table by an overly large human. Angerly, the human turned and walked away and was followed by a small red imp that fly onto his shoulder and giggled all the way out the door.

With trouble gone, the group helped the tiefling up to his feet and over to their table to discuss what had just happened. The tiefling explained that the human was just a muscle man for a mage that was wanting a book that he use to have but was stolen earlier. The group offered to help though was suspicious with his story as he appeared to be lying about the true events that had happened. The group suggested the tiefling go get another round of drinks so they could talk.

Though the situation was odd and mostly unknown, the group was in need of work and decided they would try and help the tiefling. Cautiously. When they turned to call the tiefling back over to the table he was gone, the ale and money with him. With a shrug, the group let the situation pass and gathered their things to head out to the fair grounds.

As they arrived, they found the grounds filled with people, many of which there to witness the circle dance that was set to begin soon. The trio made their way through the crow into the viewing area where they bumped into a Cushani who introduced himself as Miro. Through small talked they learned that he was a warrior that was interested in learning more about circle dancing though he wasn’t sure they would accept his preferred weapon, the dragon claws he kept at his waist. The group and Miro seemed to get along well enough though they didn’t share in his choice of food, a dead, full feathered and raw chicken. Cethedge was jealous however.

It was at that point that the horns sounded which signaled the beginning of the circle dance. The group watched as the two warriors, a tiefling and a shadow elf squared off. During the fight, Cethedge noticed several mounds of dirt around the arena though they were too big to be from ants. He pointed it out to Jarett and Grace who also noticed them. Cethedge called over one of the guards and pointed it out to him as well, stating that such things could be from a more dangerous creature. Meanwhile, Jarett noticed that the shadow elf diplomats in the stands with the warlord appeared nervous as if they anticipating something to happen.

The group insisted that the guard warn someone and as he blew his whistle, the mounds exploded and a horde of kruthik came charging out from underground. The entire arena went into hysteria as the kruthiks began killing everyone in their path. A woman nearby the group cried as she stuck close to the group as they readied themselves against the creatures. Miro gave a grin and tossed his chicken to the side before donning his dragon claws.

The kruthik rushed the group in savage glory but the group was prepared for their attacks and worked together well. Miro proved to be a welcomed help as he faced off against the larger of the kruthik and kept it from attacking innocent people. Jarett moved himself into position and began cursing the creatures with the power of the Sun. Cethedge kept the group together, using his presence as a leader to keep them moving. When the fighting finally died off, many of the towns folk were dead and the area with the diplomats and the warlord was crowded with people and guards.

Vilmuth, the tiefling captain of the guard, talked the incident over with the group to get a good idea on what happened. The group explained what they had seen and how they tried to warn the guard. As well, Grace found a rune carved into the carapace of the kruthik that meant obiedence in Winthek, the language of the Winkar. He mentioned to them that Warlord Velero Hawk had been injured and poisoned during the attack. The shadow elves didn’t fair either with one dead and another poisoned. The priest of the temple told them that the poison was made from a rare weed found in the Astral Mountains called winter dust.

The tiefling continued to explain that the only known cure for winter dust was a fruit called a sundrop. He wasn’t sure where to find the fruit but knew of a hermit in the mountains on Talon Pass that probably did know. The group offered to get help and get the fruit and Vilmuth thanked them and urged them to get underway. The group agreed and asked Miro if he would like to accompany them on the quest. The cushani agreed to go, realizing his opportunity to learn more on circle dancing was most likely not going to happen now. By midday, the group was on the road to the west.

3 Spring, 2979
Their journey took them through the Teresia Swamp for two days where they followed a path through the swamp, ducking past goblin patrols led by fire beetles. Eventually they made their way to the mountains where they climbed up to Talon Pass and found their way to an old shack. Within they found and spoke with Jimon, a crude half elf hermit that stated he knew of the poison and the antidote but that he couldn’t make cure because a group of goblins that had settled in the area like the fruit and were constantly picking it. They had a lair not too fair up the pass in a closed down copper mine.

The group set out once more on the road and made their way to the mine within a couple of hours. At the entrance of the mine they found three goblin sentries along with two fire beetles. The battle was quick with the goblins and beetles killed within moments. With no immediate reinforcements coming, the group carefully delved deeper into the mine.

XP per Player: 380
Treasure: Emerald (100 gp), 20 gp

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