Night Reign

Deceiver Chronicles: Ambush

Overwhelming Numbers

16 Spring, 2979
In the morning hours of the next day, the group crossed the plains on their trip to Lothanewi, keeping an eye open for any clues as to the mysterious attack that Alegra Hawk encountered. Eventually, Thumper spotted a glint of metal from the light of the eclipse and quickly ducked into the tall grass to scout the area while the rest of the group cautiously made their way to the scene.

Upon arriving, they found the remains of a battle. Several peoples were about, cold as if they had been dead for at least a day, if not more. Searching the area, the group uncovered tracks that led northward and through their superior knowledge and insight, managed to determine that a creature was dragged off from the scene. Their only conclusion was that the prisoner was Alegra Hawk. So they set out once more for Lothanewi, following the tracks.

17 Spring, 2979
Upon entering the forest, the group followed the tracks up to a large oak tree where they found the tracks of a scuffle as well as an additional pair of tracks. Feloryn and Hedge determined that based upon the tracks and a sigil that they had uncovered at the base of the tree that this second group was most likely part of the resistance against the shadow elves of Lothanewi. Encouraged by this information, the group set out once more to follow the two sets of tracks.

As they traveled for several hours, the tracks told a story of what was happening. Along the way, the resistance tried several times to ambush the shadow elf kidnappers and in both occasions, several eladrin, elves, and shadow elves were killed in the attacks. Undaunted by the information, the group pressed onward until they reached a point in the tracks where it seemed as if they were almost right behind the shadow elves. As they investigated, they did not see the approaching shadow elves through the forest, using the trees and brush to mask their approach.

Out from the darkness the shadow elves launched their surprise attack from both flanks. The dark blades quickly entered into the fight through teleportation while the mage, priest and their bodyguards made a more cautious approach from the other side. Caught between both sides, the heroes made their choice to break off into two groups, with half engaging the spellcasters while the others attempted to deal with the dark blades. With no defender to draw the attacks of the dark blades, the support group fight quickly spiraled out of control with the dark blades using superior flanking tactics to devastate the group. When the ther group realized the situation, it was too late to salvage and one by one they began to fall due to their wounds.

Laxmi stood wide eyes as the last of her companions fell to the ground under a dark blade’s attack. “How did I ever get wrapped up in this mess,” she muttered, and called Phineas to her side as the shadow elves decended upon her with a deadly gleam in their eyes. No one heard the summoner scream as they rushed her.



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